The best science fiction and fantasy stories simply use their stranger elements as a conduit for deeper themes. Without a look at real human experience, these stories devolve into nothing more than a collection of laser battles. For this reason, MOTHERLANDS from Vertigo has truly won fans over, time and time again. Its story of sci-fi bounty hunter action wouldn’t work without the elements of a dysfunctional family that lay underneath. In fact, said elements together really make this story something special. With MOTHERLANDS #5 releasing soon, ComicsVerse has the exclusive preview of the upcoming book, and the action just never lets up.


At the end of the previous issue, bounty hunter Tabitha had abandoned her ailing yet cruel mother to finally track down her brother, one of the biggest super-criminals in the galaxy. When she found Bubba, though, he stood over their father’s coffin. The story ended on that cliffhanger, and the preview as is doesn’t pick up those threads. In fact, it starts on page six, with Tabitha and her mother facing off against a Braintrust Mafia hitwoman. Apparently, the Braintrust have decided to collect on Bubba’s reward, and they won’t stop for any reason. Scarlet, Tab’s mother, gets caught in the crossfire. Dying, Scarlet shares one final memory with her daughter, possibility to motivate Tab in the coming battle.

The cliffhanger at the end of MOTHERLANDS #4 had me burning to find out what happened next. While Bubba doesn’t make an appearance in this preview, I can’t wait to see how the family dynamics shift with his addition in MOTHERLANDS #5. I’m also sad to see Scarlet injured at the beginning of this story. She may have been nothing but cruel to Tabitha throughout this story. However, their relationship has grounded this series from the start. I honestly can’t see future issues working without this character so, hopefully, writer Simon Spurrier doesn’t totally remove her from the picture. At the very least, we’re sure to get one of the most intense issues yet with MOTHERLANDS #5, and I cannot wait!

MOTHERLANDS #5 hits shelves May 23rd. Until then, check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below!

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