Moon Knight #192 by Max Bemis, Jacen Burrows, Guillmero Ortego, and Mat Lopes
MOON KNIGHT #192 defies expectations, a cerebral comic that challenges your viewpoint while also delivering a tight plot and gorgeous artwork.
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Crazy and Cerebral

MOON KNIGHT #192 by Max Bemis, Jacen Burrows, Guillmero Ortego, and Mat Lopes continues the “Crazy Runs In The Family” arc. The book is a weird and wonderful story brought together by beautiful artwork. This comic will be unlike anything you are currently reading. MOON KNIGHT is really standing out from the rest of the Marvel Universe.

moon knight #192
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Previously In Moon Knight

In the last issue, Sun God gathered a small army, including the new villain Truth and Marc Spector’s old villain Bushmaster, to attack Marc’s previous girlfriend, Marlene. During this encounter, Marc found out he was a father. He escaped with his daughter and decided to call for help from his old friend, Frenchie.

MOON KNIGHT #192 begins with Marc opening the door to meet Frenchie — who turns out to be a zombie. Confused? Great! That’s what makes this issue so fun. While there have been zombies in the Marvel Universe before, Frenchie isn’t actually what he appears to be.

The Sun God Arises!

Following this, Marc is swarmed by his enemies and given a choice: follow them, or Marlene dies along with his friendly apartment manager. Without much of a choice, he leaves his daughter with Frenchie and follows his enemies onto a mysterious boat, where he discovers that his problem is bigger than it seems. On this trip, Moon Knight manages to get the upper hand on several of his enemies in a fun action sequence. All of this comes to a head when Moon Knight and Sun God have an out of body battle to see who will win after all.

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Insanity in MOON KNIGHT #192

Max Bemis is doing something very interesting with his take on Moon Knight. He’s playing with the reader’s expectations of storytelling and sometimes makes us wonder if we have an unreliable narrator. These themes have been running through the “Crazy Runs Through The Family” arc. This is shown with Frenchie as the story begins. We first see him as a zombie but later learn it’s just one of Marc’s delusions. These themes come to a head when Marc and Sun God decide to meet and have their respective gods discuss whose vision of humanity is right. During this scene, two of Marc’s personalities question whether it’s real or all just in Marc’s head. It is a trippy yet fun scene that makes Marc rethink his purpose.

Courtesy of Marvel Comics.
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

New and Old Foes

Not only is Max Bemis playing with our expectations, he but also is creating one of the better Moon Knight runs in a while. Both the Sun God and Truth are among his most fascinating villains. I’ve spoken about Sun God, but Truth is just as interesting. A large man with the power to control and bring out horrible “truths” people hide within themselves (like shame or disgust) is a great storytelling device. Equally important to the story is Marc’s new daughter. Her introduction and the fact that she is in peril brings a level of danger for Moon Knight that I haven’t seen in a long time.

moon knight #192
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Look Good Doing It

The art team of Jacen Burrows, Guillmero Ortego, and Mat Lopes really delivers on top of Bemis’ script. The art is realistic and detailed, but not over-the-top. Considering the plot and scenes in this book, it would be easy to get carried away. That being said, the art never overshadows the story and fits the narrative perfectly. For example, “undead” Frenchie is a very realistic zombie with certain parts missing, giving it a creepy feel.

The art team does get to have their fun, however. The scene where Frenchie “rips” off his zombie appearance is a stunning surprise. Also, later on in the comic, there is a scene where Marc and Sun God are debating on a metaphysical level (or are they?) and we are treated with classic Marvel scenes with Moon Knight imagery thrown in. Yes, you will see a Moon Knight sentinel in a throwback to the classic X-Men story “Days of Future Past.”

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Final Thoughts

MOON KNIGHT #192 challenges your views on what you are seeing. It’s a cerebral treat that’s missing from mainstream comics these days. The plot is tight even with the insanity all around. The art is beautiful, detailed, and perfect for this type of story. While there is plenty of action and movement to keep the story going, the real treat is the fact you’ll be thinking about it long after you’ve put it down.

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