I truly believe the world can only handle one of each person. After all, any more than that and we’d all be driving each other up the wall. Apparently, Lunella feels the same way. In MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #21, the two titular characters find themselves in a parallel universe. This happens after the course of their spaceship gets off track when the living moon, Illa, angrily disrupts their takeoff. As a result, Lunella and Devil Dinosaur find themselves face to face with Devil Girl and Moon Dinosaur, the evil versions of themselves. Written by Brandon Montclare with art by Natacha Bustos and Tamra Bonvillain, this issue not only puts a mirror up to Lunella’s antics but shows maybe she’s not as alone in the world as she once thought.

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

After blasting off into the parallel dimension, Lunella immediately runs into the “evil” version of herself. I say evil, but she’s more like a character equally stubborn as the titular Lunella herself. Moon Girl instantly finds Devil Girl to be one of the most annoying people on this planet. So, in order to settle her annoyances, she starts a fight with her. While two nine-year-olds scuffling doesn’t cause too much damage, each of their respective dinosaurs proceeds to topple skyscrapers, causing quite a stir. Fortunately, Moon Girl manages to get away and even runs into this universe’s versions of Eduardo and Zoe, two friends from her class. She tries to think of a plan to defeat her parallel self, but her classmates urge her to reconsider. For while she might seem like a pain, they find her antics rather charming.

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While this is happening, the robots she and her recommissioned doombot made on earth as replicas for herself start to cause a stir. For now, there are many Lunellas running around causing mayhem. One of them even brushes off her mother during dinner. The robot claims she’s alright even though the mom’s starting to suspect these robots are not her child. Honestly, it’s rather distressing no one’s noticed yet — the robots the doom head helped make barely resemble the real Lunella at all. It’s a silly b story that doesn’t add much to the main parallel universe plot, yet the narrative reads as charming nonetheless.

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I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

It’s a fairly endearing lesson that MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #21 wants Lunella to learn: that despite all she might think, she does not fight alone. Her human friends support her and want her to succeed, even if she’s harsh towards them sometimes. It’s rather interesting to see her own opinion of herself when she confronts Devil Girl. She seems to know she’s difficult to manage and thus willingly separates herself from her peers. Yet despite everything, they still root for her no matter what side she fights for. Hopefully going forward we’ll see more of Eduardo and Zoe working closely with Lunella as she’s fighting with Devil Dinosaur to stop the forces of evil.

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T-Rexes Did Have Feathers

Bustos’ style of thick line work always made MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR special in my book. It really helps differentiate it from the classic “superhero” appearance of other Marvel properties while appealing to younger audiences. Keeping with the tone of the issue, most of the panels appear bright and lively. This is thanks to the wonderful colorist, Tamra Bonvillain, managing to know just how to meld youthful color schemes while still hitting that wide-appeal ratio. After all, meeting your “evil” self should not appear as a dour moment. Rather, it’s time for bright yellows and purples to scream their loudest.

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As the third part in this living moon story arc, MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #21 is starting to wrap up various ideas alluded to in the previous issues. Therefore, many plot threads that previously seemed unfinished might start to see a resolution in issues going forward. As it stands; this comic keeps the heart and soul of these comics while continuing the larger story of strange sentient planets alive and well.

This issue keeps with the lighthearted theme long time readers of MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR know and love.
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