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I love horror stories. Comics, novels, films — I love what horror stories can bring. The villains can be the most appealing aspect. The blood-sucking vampire, the howling werewolf, the shuffling mummy — all monsters to be scared of and to be thwarted. One of my favourite movies is HORROR OF DRACULA, with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. It’s a beautifully gorgeous gothic film with chills and energetic performances.

MONSTER comes from that love of horror genre. The Universal and Hammer films I love are about monsters in pursuit of blood, usually the blood of virgins. What made that particular blood so special, and what would happen if a monster mistakenly took the blood of a non-virgin? What would the ramifications be? MONSTER tries to answer that, and hopefully the story will make you think (and potentially gross you out a little!)

It originally started as a short story I had written a few years back. After getting my first webcomic MY THESIS: HOW COMICS SAVED MY LIFE published on ComicsVerse, I revisited MONSTER when the opportunity arose to publish a second webcomic. But MONSTER would never have seen the light of day if it wasn’t for Kristine Don and André Taquari. Kristine greenlit my script and offered invaluable advice on tweaking the narrative. Then, André came on board and put together the layouts, a beautifully penciled map of what MONSTER could be. And finally, with a drive I got after attending Dublin Comic Con (a special thank you to Hugo Boylan and Aaron Losty for inspiring me by their attitude to comics creation), I got to work. It was the first time I had really drawn in the best part of fifteen years.

And you are about to read the results. I hope you enjoy it. It’s creepy, bloody and touches on the questions monsters are afraid to ask themselves. Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, to all at ComicsVerse, to Lynn, to JP, and to my father, Joe. He helped make me the creator I am today. R.I.P.

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