MONSTER STRIKE is back! Nearly two years after the first movie’s release, the franchise returns with its second feature-length installment, MONSTER STRIKE THE MOVIE: SORA NO KANATA. With a standalone story and an all new cast of characters, it looks like the upcoming movie will be a breath of fresh air.

Much like POKÉMON, MONSTER STRIKE is the spin-off of a successful mobile game (by the same name). Since its initial launch in 2014, the RPG grossed billions. It later became the highest grossing mobile game in 2016, out-performing media giants like POKÉMON GO and CLASH ROYALE.

In 2015, game developer Mixi looked to branch out, adapting the MONSTER STRIKE franchise into an online anime series. The MONSTER STRIKE anime series was uploaded to the company’s official Youtube channel and has since garnered millions of views.

Let’s Duel!

After moving back to his hometown, middle school student Ren Homura has to bring his cellphone in for repairs. Once it’s fixed, Ren notices that a mysterious app has been downloaded onto his phone. A monster then attacks Ren before he has time to figure out what’s happening. It turns out, the monster came from the app, which is a dueling game similar to YU-GI-OH. The phones are able to project holographic videos of the monsters fighting, making for an action-packed anime in which Ren and his friends have to duel their way through Ren’s hometown.

With the commercial success of the franchise, Mixi partnered with Warner Bros. to make MONSTER STRIKE THE MOVIE. The movie served as a prequel to the anime and was the second highest grossing movie in Japan its opening weekend.

MONSTER STRIKE THE MOVIE: SORA NO KANATA tells a story in which half of Japan mysteriously floats away, splitting the island in half. Old Japan has floated into the sky while New Japan is right where it belongs. Years after the country split, it looks as though Old Japan may come crashing down to Earth. It’s now up to unlikely heroes Sora and Kanata to save the world before the cataclysmic event occurs.

Check out the trailer below:


While there isn’t any dub out for MONSTER STRIKE as of yet, fans of the franchise can find the English sub of the first season of the anime and the first movie on Crunchyroll. A release date for the English sub of MONSTER STRIKE THE MOVIE: SORA NO KANATA has yet to be released, but if it’s anything like the other titles from Mixi, a subbed release with probably follow the initial premiere in a few months.

Having established a considerable following in only four years, MONSTER STRIKE has taken the mobile gaming world by storm. I’m excited to see whether or not the anime world is next.  MONSTER STRIKE THE MOVIE: SORA NO KANATA comes out in Japan October 5th.

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Feature Image Courtesy of Mixi.

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