Are you a fan of giant kaiju and monster movies, staring in awe at their destruction and vivid designs?  Do you have a collector’s mentality and like to grind and hunt for hours for a special item? If you meet any of these criteria, then congratulations, you’ll be right at home with Capcom’s MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD. 

Originally debuting on the PlayStation 2 in 2004, MONSTER HUNTER is, you guessed it, a game where you hunt ridiculous monsters. Players find themselves taking on larger than life creatures, scavenging beautiful environments for supplies, as well as teaming up with other hunters for new records and quests. The game has been gaining steam overseas, showing up on Nintendo consoles like the 3DS and the Wii U, attracting gamers with its action RPG elements. 

Capcom’s Secret Weapon

Capcom’s MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is the latest installment in the franchise, available on both PS4, X-Box one, and PC in a few months. It’s a great jumping on point for new fans, and older ones that had taken a break from the classic over the years.

If you hadn’t heard of it until now, then now is the perfect time to learn about the franchise, and join its community of gamers that are willing to both help and compete with fellow fans. The game has something for everyone, and after years of installments, MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is looking to the best one out there, so let’s take a look at what makes it, and the franchise as a whole, amazing.

Hunters taking on the Rathalos.

Throughout the game, MONSTER HUNTER throws you into environments filled with a plethora of creatures. Ranging from small, tiny critters that mean no harm, to colossal, mountain-sized behemoths that threaten the ecosystem. Each one is unique, reminiscent of real-world animals and myths, just with something extra added.The flagship monster of the series, Rathalos, is one of many in the game, based on the Wyverns of-of various legends.

You essentially find yourself going head to head with this terror from the sky, as it rains down fireballs and poison. Other creatures range from leviathans and sea serpents, such as the aquatic Lagiacrus, which you would find more exotic climates. On occasion, you’ll fight more realistic creatures based on real animals, such as the monkey-esque Congala, and then larger than life monsters like Zorah Magdaros, the size of a mountain that is reminiscent of movie kaiju like Godzilla.

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Versus the Hunted

MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD pushes the appearances and strengths of these monsters to new difficulties for all players. Each creature causes the player to think swiftly on their feet, as one false move can be game over. Every monster has a different learning curve, but as time goes on, you become a pro through memorization and instinct.

That honed expertise, along with the varying sizes and dangers of each monster, makes the player feel like they’re part of a broader, cinematic experience. The vibrant environments add to the challenge, with everything being a factor. Ammo and items can be picked up and used on the monster, or crafted into a weapon at any given notice. You could create flash bombs out of insects to take down the Rathalos, or swing from vines and cliffs to get a height advantage and mount monsters.

The Zorah Magdaros

Each area in the game is drastically different from the last, but always vibrant and alive. You start off in the Ancient forest, a magnificent jungle with waterfalls, cliffs, and all kinds of endemic life. You’ll find yourself here a lot as you take on monsters like the Anjanath, a fire-breathing dinosaur. These foes will team up against you and give you a hard time, or they’ll make your life easier and attack one another.

After a few quests, you’ll find yourself in new places like the Wildspire Waste, a desert area with unique wildlife. This area features interactive environments like swamps,  while horned behemoths like the Diablos roam the desert areas, causing earthquakes that can impede your quests. The new worlds grow from there as you advance, and each one is so drastically different and provides something new. 

The Spoils of Battle

The fun of the game changes as you advance further in the quests. The aforementioned learning curves increase when you change rank, as monsters become faster and stronger. At specific points, you will come across variants of certain foes that have undergone evolution, causing you to change your tactics.

And when you best these new foes, you’ll eventually find yourself facing off against Elder Dragons, legends and rare beasts in the game that have civilization ending powers and builds. Players are rewarded with the prize of new items and trophies for their accomplishments, and that feeling taking down a stories tall monster with a sword or a hammer is satisfying.

Capcom is also increasing the depths of the game with actual DLC updates. As with past installments, the company will be putting in new monsters and quests every month or so, completely free.  It’s one of the few franchises that they offer this kind of support for, keeping players busy. With new monsters come new armor and designs, along with new additions to lore and story already present in the series. This brings us to the next thing that will be sure to grab your attention: collecting.

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MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Puts You to the Grind Stone

When you finally finish your hunt, you’re rewarded with items and monster parts, which serve as more than just trophies. Throughout MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD, you’ll work towards creating new pieces of armor and equipment for yourself. You have 14 weapons to choose from, ranging from swords and shields to bow guns, hammers, and even axes.

Some are a little more abstract, such as the charge blade, which is a sword, shield, and an axe all in one, that can create explosions with satisfying results. You’ll start out with basic versions of every weapon, but as the game goes on you can upgrade to better versions.

Radobaan, a newcomer to the franchise.

Certain parts will let you increase your weapon’s sharpness, your ammo loadout, and damage output. Each weapon can have an element or a status effect that turns the tide of battle for you, all while looking fantastic in design. The same applies to armor, where you start out with basic sets, but find powerful ones as you progress. Gaining enough Rathalos pieces can net you fire resistant armor, and you can make them stronger in higher ranks. The designs for the armor are nothing to scoff at either, some looking like the monsters themselves.

High Risk, High Reward

Of course, acquiring powerful tools isn’t simple. When you finish the quest and farm pieces from the monster, you’ll have to deal with RNG drop rates. Stronger sets require rare parts, and sometimes you have a small percent of getting them, even as low as 5 percent.

So to make a powerful set of Rathalos armor, you’ll need a rare item item called a Rathalos plate. The same applies to some items you can farm from the overworld, where certain materials are needed for crafting. Sometimes the ore might be just as rare, and certain environments yield different results uncommon items.

This feature may seem tedious, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. Hunting and farming certain monsters for these parts can be very fulfilling, and the strategy and memory learned during each fight turns you into a stronger hunter. The game doesn’t have experience for the hunter perse, but you gain mental experience in a way.

You memorize attack patterns and tells that certain foes have, making part acquisition easier. Farming won’t be as demanding, and the satisfaction of  obtaining the right number of materials is worth it. Searching for environment materials can become a breeze as well.  As you complete certain quests for your village, you’ll be able to grow some  items, cutting down on gathering. The game offers substantial returns for the player, as long as they put in the work.

Hunters United

While you’re out in forests and caves taking on vicious creatures, the difficulty may actually stress you out a bit. The learning curve can be a tough one, but you always have the choice to seek help. The franchise is known for its incredible fan base, full of players that have been present since its 2004 debut. Spread throughout the world, players are ready and willing to help out newcomers and fellow veterans.

In MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD, players are given the option to pop in and out of other hunters’ quests. While hunting down groups of troublesome wyverns , you can offer your assistance, and gain more chances at rewards. This is incredibly handy when faced with overwhelming numbers, especially later in the game.

Meet Barroth, a resident of the Wildspire Waste.

WORLD pushes the idea of teamwork and unity with its plethora of multiplayer options. The ability to create your own guilds and squads with your friends adds to the fantasy of the game. This access to teamwork is helping build the Monster Hunter community as a whole, giving the franchise a much-needed spotlight.

You can find fans debating attack combos and monster weaknesses on sites such as twitter and facebook, along with Reddit. MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is building a new community almost anyone can enjoy, thanks to game mechanics and social aspects.

The New World Awaits

If you’re looking for beautiful environments, colossal beasts, and a top-notch community, then MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD is for you. It’s perfect for newcomers, with in-depth controls and tutorials, along witha brilliant online presence.

The varying monsters and environments leave you wanting more, always giving a new surprise or way to play. The game’s grinding system will have you feeling accomplished after you finish new equipment, especially with fellow players.

Longtime fans, both on and off with the series, will find new surprises that make the purchase worthwhile. This, coupled with the support of the community and Capcom itself, make MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD the game for many.

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