On May 24th, Momocon was held at the Atlanta Convention Center where fans of all types where in attendance.  There were YouTubers, veteran voice actors, and independent creators from all stretches of the country. It lasted for four days and each day had an attraction more exciting than the last.


For those interested in video games, there was quite a selection of attractions to choose from. There were tournaments, prominent figures of the industry, and games advertising their launch to consoles.


What is a fan convention without a tournament? Some of the most renowned fighting games had contestants lined up to bout one another. Some notable contended attended, putting on a display of fighting games at their best.

Super Smash Bros. 4 singles: 1st-Nairo, 2nd-Fatality, 3rd-ZeRo

Super Smash Bros. 4 Doubles: 1st-NAKAT & VoiD, 2nd-Ally & Mew2King, 3rd-Abadango & Kameme

Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles: 1st-Mew2King, 2nd-Colbol, 3rd-WizzrobeSuper

Super Smash Bros. Melee Doubles: 1st-The Moon, Colbol, 2nd-King Momo, Mew2King, 3rd-Druggedfox, jarrod

Street Fighter V: 1st-Dapvip2nd-BombitoPR, 3rd-Neon

Brawlhala: 1st-SillyTrinket, 2nd-Meerkat, 3rd-Baboute

Guilty Gear Xrd: 1st-TectalEastside, 2nd-Boomcube, 3rd-zenzen

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3: 1st-Break Man, 2nd-Chuy95, 3rd-FA Heart

Prominent Figures

Some of the most prominent guests included The Cooptional Podcast, Bit Brigade, and The Runaway Guys. They participated in panels and live podcasts and a short Q and A session.

Co-Optional Podcast: The group consisted of Total Biscuit, Dodger, and Jessie Cox. Known for their antics and Letsplays on YouTube, the three gave their opinion on the current market of games and their experience with some of the most popular games today.

Bit Brigade: Known for their speedruns and live performances, Bit Brigade gave a an amazing show featuring Castlevania. The rock rendition of the games music amped the crowd as the player expertly maneuvered through the levels. It was a true reminder of the great age of classic video games.

The Runaway Guys: For those who have a love of classic video games and trivia, the Runaway Guys are for you. The group held a live challenge event where contestants from the crowd had to rely on their skill and knowledge of classic video games. They awarded the victor with a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Advertised Games

Some of the most exciting news revealed during the con were the new games created by independent developers. Some have been well established but are soon to have a release on consoles while others have recently been able to pass Steam’s Green light process.

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Voice Acting Talent

A wide range of voice actors were present at Momocon, giving a taste of their experience in the entertainment industry. Some of them gave advice as to how to get into the business while others gave in depth perspectives of the shows or games they worked on.

Steven Universe

In attendee was Zach Callison (Steven Universe), Deedee Mango Hall (Pearl), Michaela Diete (Amethyst), Grace Rolek (Connie), Shelby Rabara (Reidot), and Jennifer Paz (Lapiz Lazuli).

Pinky & The Brain

Pictured above is Rob Paulsen (Pinky, Yakko Warner, and Carl Wheezer) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain, Chief Quinby, and Egon).


Matthew Mercer, voice of McRee, Coe Leonis, Leon Kennedy, Captain Levi
Jonny Cruz, voice of Lucio


Amidst the events, there were stands with various vendors selling official merchandise of all kinds available. Each stand had something unique to sell but some of them stood out in an extraordinary way.

Alex Ogle: Alex is freelance artist known for is monochromatic art. A large sum of his work includes superheroes but will also include figures from pop-culture. While somewhat gritty, each work retains the charisma and vibrancy of its character.  One of his most current series is called “Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City” for Action Lab Entertainment and has self-published several successful Comic Book Kickstarter projects.Click here to discover more about Alex Ogle.

Dodles: Founded by Craig Doriot, Dodles is an app-in-progress with the intention of creating a platform for independent artists to sell their work. It allows drawings to be animated by applying a skeletal frame to them to which more complex movements can be applied. Along with character models, artists will be able to sell sound bites, backgrounds, and visual effects.Click here to discover more about Dodles.

CritSuccess: While this company has made a number of products, the key item is sale was their fashionable and functional Dice Rings™. Using the ancient art of the spinner ring, the outer layer of the ring welds the faces of a die, thus making it a convenient for the average RPG enthusiast. Click here to discover more about CritSuccess.

It was quite the convention and many can say it was quite the triumph of fandom. While it may be over, we can look forward to the new events at next year’s Momocon.

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