The second season for MOB PSYCHO 100, the brilliantly charming anime, was announced this past weekend at the Chiba’s Maihama Amphitheater in Japan. Avid fans gathered at the Amphitheater expecting only to watch the MOB PSYCHO 100 REIGEN: THE MIRACULOUS UNKNOWN PSYCHO special. However, they were also treated to this massive announcement.

MOB PSYCHO’S second season plot remains a mystery, but we do know that the same staff from Studio BONES will be returning. In the meantime, Crunchyroll announced they will stream the MOB PSYCHO 100 REIGEN special, an hour-long retelling of the show’s events from the perspective of Mob’s mentor, Arataka Reigen.

Mob Mentality

For those who don’t know, MOB PSYCHO 100 began as a webcomic created by the manga artist One. It cultivated a large following, and eventually One made a deal with the animation studio BONES to turn the webcomic into an anime. It follows the life of Shigeo Kageyama, who’s nicknamed “mob” for his tendency to be a background character. He might look like a normal student, but Mob actually has several psychic abilities. He possesses telekinesis, the ability to transfer his energy to others, and can will his soul from his body. As Mob grows older, however, he realizes his powers are getting stronger but more unstable. He tries to suppress his powers through a series of “locks,” that break when he loses control of his emotions. Trouble keeps finding Mob though, which makes it difficult for him to blend in at school.

MOB PSYCHO 100 originally aired from July 2016 to September 2016, and is, unsurprisingly, often compared to the popular ONE PUNCH MAN. One created both titles, so they share a clear likeness to one another. The protagonists are eerily similar, and both anime incorporate their own original brand of humor. A good example of MOB PSYCHO’s humor is shown in the scene where Mob is eating breakfast with his family. His telekinesis accidentally bends his spoon, but his dad just grins and says he’s only going through puberty.

MOB PSYCHO 100's Cast of characters!
MOB PSYCHO 100’s cast of characters! | Image: Hypedgeek

MOB PSYCHO 100 and Chill

There’s no announcement on MOB PSYCHO 100’s second season release date yet, but we can expect it within the next year or two. Don’t worry though, Japan’s Netflix released a live-action MOB PSYCHO 100 mini-series on January 12th.

Many anime fans argue that live-action adaptations can ruin a series’ reputation. The most recent Netflix adaptation, DEATH NOTE, represents this sentiment for a lot of people. Fans argue that the director’s creativity hurt DEATH NOTE’s adaptation, but that’s exactly what could save MOB PSYCHO 100. For starters, it is not a standalone film. Japan’s Netflix made it a mini-series, which is a format that can give directors a chance to learn from their mistakes on an episodic basis. Also, a large percentage of the show’s entertainment is based on its humor, so fans should expect the same off-the-cuff timing as long as the director embraces the comedic style of the anime. On the other hand, replicating MOB PSYCHO 100’s wildly entertaining fight scenes may be extremely challenging. It’s clear that the anime put a lot of effort into these scenes, so the adaptation must do the same.

The live-action trailer for MOB PSYCHO 100 can be seen on YouTube and it appears to be promising. They seem to succeed in capturing the humor, and they definitely succeed in making the villainous Claw group look sinister. But, only time will tell if the fight scenes can live up to expectations. With any luck, the adaptation should make its way to the U.S. soon and it will, hopefully, keep us satisfied until season 2 is released.

Featured image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Netflix MOB PSYCHO 100 Live-Action Poster Released

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