Netlfix may have had some embarrassing flops in the anime world recently, but now’s their chance for a comeback. The streaming website is creating a live-action MOB PSYCHO 100, based of the manga series from the creator of ONE PUNCH MAN, One. The two anime are quite similar too. They’re produced in a relatively ‘gag’ style and the main character always seems to have enough power to best any opponent. However, MOB PSYCHO 100 is a bit more story-oriented than ONE PUNCH MAN and makes for a much better anime. With this series as its base, Netflix should be able to put forward an incredible show.

For those unfamiliar with the anime, MOB PSYCHO 100 follows 8th grader Shigeo Kageyama. Kageyama is an “esper”, an individual with psychic powers that allow him to manipulate ghosts, move objects with his mind, and use a variety of combat skills. Kageyama is content with being normal, and makes an effort to reins in his powers and act virtuously whenever possible. His mentor, Arataka Reigen, coaches him with a variety of life lessons and molds the way Kageyama uses his powers, mostly to help other people. However, Kageyama’s mental state, when agitated, approaches a fever pitch. Once he reaches 100%, his powers go berserk and grant him incredible abilities beyond his already strong psychic powers.

Kageyama speaking with a ghost named Dimple
Kageyama speaking with a ghost named Dimple | Image: Crunchyroll

Netflix seems to have learned from some of its mistakes with other adaptations. According to, TV Tokyo is collaborating directly with Netflix on the show. On top of that, Koichi Sakamoto (KAMEN RIDER) will serve as MOB PSYCHO 100’s director and Fuminori Kobayashi (SETOUTSUMI) will be the producer. Tatsuomi Hamada (GATCHAMAN) plays protagonist Kageyama, easing initial whitewashing concerns.

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Fresh Visuals

The new series’ poster shows Kageyama wielding his incredible psychic powers. Whole buildings levitate in the background, lending some credence to how powerful the teenage esper truly is. On his sides are his mentor Reigen and middle school crush Tsubomi. If the tv show is anything like the anime, all three characters will be front and center for plenty of action.

The new poster for MOB PSYCHO 100's new live-action film
The new poster for MOB PSYCHO 100’s new live-action film | Image: Natalie

Let’s get Psychic!

The live-action show is set to premiere in Japan early January 2018. Afterward, Netflix will stream it online for the rest of the world to enjoy. It’s relieving to see cooperation with American companies and Japanese actors in live-action anime series. While Netflix has a strong Western audience, they’ll do well to not dilute the Japanese networks and artists that created these incredible anime. Especially since this adaptation premieres in Japan first, it shouldn’t get ‘westernized’ the way many live-action films have been.

I am personally looking forward to a possible release of MOB PSYCHO 100 Season 2, and things like this make that a lot more likely. While not quite as popular as the ONE PUNCH MAN anime, MOB PSYCHO 100 is amazing in its own right. The introduction of realistic visual effects should create an incredible cinematic experience. For those of us in the US, this will make a spectacular show to watch early next year.

Featured Image from Crunchyroll.

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    November 23, 2017 at 4:52 am

    This is a live action tv show not a live action film.


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