Our favorite expressionless, emotionally unstable badass is coming back! Like most fans of shonen, I was amazed by shows like MOB PSYCHO 100. A relatively simple concept combined with stellar execution made for a show with great fights and decent enough content. What made the show especially great is that it always felt relatively satisfied with its presentation; that is to say, the show was exactly what it needed to be, and very strongly. Now, we’re getting some first looks at the second season of the amazing series ahead of a premiere at Anime NYC. You can read our announcement about the screening here before hopping back to check out this amazing promo video!

MOB PSYCHO 100 main character Mob and his mentor, Reigen
Main character Mob and his mentor, Reigen | Image: Funimation

For those unfamiliar with the series, MOB PSYCHO 100 is a shonen series by mangaka ONE, the brilliant mind behind ONE PUNCH MAN. MOB PSYCHO 100 follows protagonist Shigeo Kageyama (nicknamed Mob), a young boy with psychokinetic powers, as he navigates the ethics and realities of living with incredible power. Mob usually is capable of keeping his abilities under wraps. But, when his emotional state reaches “100%”, he bursts forth with incredible power. Much of the series revolves around him fighting other people with psychic powers called “espers”. Espers fight with telekinesis, by conjuring strange weapons, and by massively augmenting their physical capabilities. All of this loosely translates into amazing, fluid, active fights. And now another fresh face is hopping into the mix.

The New Promo Video

This promotional video (or PV if you’re a true weeb) comes from studio BONE’s official Youtube channel. Thankfully, the video has English subtitles too, meaning Western fans can get all the information to boost excitement! You can check out the clips from Season 2 (and the new character!) below:

Obviously, the trailer has to show off some heart-thumping action. This season was always going to feature a brand new enemy, as all shonen series do. But this one seems like it’s a bit more serious than last season. Recall that MOB PSYCHO 100 Season 1 was primarily about establishing who the espers even were and showing off what they can do. Now, it’s likely that the story can move with a healthier pace since the active members of it have been established.

And, Mob apparently finds a girlfriend??? While this is weird in and of itself, I doubt it’s anywhere near that simple. New characters are never just conveniently placed; they always have a connection to the broader plot. In this case, whether this new girl is linked to Mob’s esper powers, the newest antagonist, or both is unclear. I’m sure it’ll be an exciting way to look into Season 2 at its premiere this weekend!

MOB PSYCHO 100 is Going All Out!

Anime NYC is hosting a world premiere of the anime at the Javits Center in New York City. Voice actors from the show are hosting a panel in Panel Room 1 and showing off the newest season at 1 PM EST. In addition to the already exciting prospect of catching MOB PSYCHO 100 early, the panel will also have plenty of giveaways, prizes, spectacular merch and plenty of opportunities to hear from the cast.

For those of us peasants not at Anime NYC, the second season premieres in Japan in January of 2019. Given how Season 1 played out, it is likely that Crunchyroll will stream the subbed anime while Funimation streams an English dub and handles any video releases on DVD.

For now, keep an eye out for more news from Anime NYC as Comicsverse takes it by storm this weekend!

Featured image from Youtube.

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