Developer Neowiz announced that their new MMORPG BLESS ONLINE will be hitting Steam in May! Developed from the ground up, the game will be based on a Buy-To-Play (B2P) system.

While most MMO’s these days go off of a Free to play system, BLESS ONLINE’s model requires the merely a one time purchase. After the initial purchase, there is no subscription fee and the game can be played indefinitely!

Look! A Dragon!

Enter A Magical World in BLESS ONLINE

The world of BLESS ONLINE is one of combat and strife. Using the extensive character creator players can pick between 2 different factions. Each faction contains their own unique races- even the neutral side where you can play as cute chibi-people called the Mascu.

The Hieron faction consists of the Habichts, Sylvan Elves or the Lupus. Yes, the Lupus are werewolf people Why wouldn’t you want to play as them?

Next up is the Union which consists of the Amistad, the Aqua Elves, and the Pantera. The Pantera appear to be cat people and once again, why not play as cat people? Important questions must be asked!

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The seven classes consist of the usual fantasy fare such as Guardian, Ranger, Mage, Paladins among others. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses and looks to fall into the Tank/Healer/DPS groove.

As of this writing, it’s unsure how the Mascu and their neutral stance will fit into the faction wars. Maybe they’ll be able to pick during their questline? One of the things the game really needs to do is differentiate between the various types of Elves and Humans.

The Magic the Gathering player in me loves this picture.

Fantastical Dragons and…Airships?!?

The world of BLESS ONLINE looks to be an interesting combination of fantasy and mild steampunk elements, as many of the screenshots show flying airships. These are shown alongside typical fantasy mainstays as giant flying dragons and large Gothic castles.

One of the most touted features in the game is the ability for players to tame and ride almost any animal they come across. There are the usual horses (flaming horses!) and griffons but some screenshots include flaming skeletal metal dragons. Taming a blue-flame spewing metal dragon as a werewolf person most definitely seems to be a highlight.


Along with tamable animals, the game includes dungeons and PVP battles. Players can take part in 100vs100 player battles across realms for loot and bragging rights for their factions. Dungeons look to be similar to many other MMO mainstays, with loot and bosses at the end.

The White Desert at Night

Joining the Fray

The current state of MMO’s has been stale for quite a few years. As a (semi) regular player of STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC, and a past WORLD OF WARCRAFT player, BLESS ONLINE seems like it could be a breath of fresh air.

Hopefully, BLESS ONLINE can break the WORLD OF WARCRAFT curse long enough to gain some footing in Blizzard’s market-cornering MMO. BLESS’ blend of medieval architecture and mild steampunk aesthetics look to make it stand out from the crowd.

If the ability to play as a werewolf riding a fire-spewing dragon doesn’t do it for you, perhaps the 100 on 100 factions battle will. The choice is yours when BLESS ONLINE releases on Steam early access this May.

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