GODDESS MODE #1 by Zoë Quinn, Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi, Simon Bowland, Stjepan Sejic, and Andy Khouri
Zoë Quinn's storytelling in GODDESS MODE #1 is off to an excellent start. Artist Robbi Rodriguez, colorist Rico Renzi, and variant cover artist Stjepan Šejić all expertly craft the aesthetic and show off their skills in color mixing. However, the colors fall short in vibrancy, which limits the reader's experience. Overall, GODDESS MODE #1 is still cool and unique.
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Technology, fantasy, and religion come together in the well-written and colorfully illustrated GODDESS MODE #1 by Zoë Quinn and the combined efforts of artist Robbi Rodriguez and colorist Rico Renzi! Plus, it’s hard to resist loving the mix of a modern and 80’s hair metal-esque variant cover by Stjepan Šejić.

The Beginning of an Adventure

Cassandra Price is a junior artificial intelligence assistant who works for Hermeticorp to support her ill father. Hermeticorp, Cassandra’s father, and everything in this universe runs because of a god-like AI called Azoth. To clarify, Azoth literally provides the air citizens breathe. Subsequently, this high-tech society even classifies life, thoughts, etc., as codes. Crazy, right?

Anyway, Cassandra’s super smart. How you might ask? Well, Cassandra breaks into a restricted area by merely telecasting herself using stolen login credentials. Of course, after that her boss Clive summons her into his office. When Cassandra finds herself in trouble, instead of losing her job and her father’s life support she actually receives a promotion! After her promotion, Cassandra discovers a crazy magical world where powerful women are eager to save the world.

A Smart and Creative Story in GODDESS MODE #1

This mesh of fantasy and sci-fi is genius in content and colorful in visuals. Zoë Quinn does a great job of establishing complexities in our leading lady and in the plot.

Cassandra is a lower class woman who’s extremely smart, yet works closely with high-class individuals. This conflict between classes comes up more than once in GODDESS MODE #1; for instance, when Cassandra meets one of the mysterious powerful women in the new realm she finds herself transported to. So, Cassandra’s looked down upon by this entity — causing an inner monologue of self-deprecation — and yet she still thinks about the person that gives her strength; her dad. Quinn creates deep character development right off the bat. Expertly done!

GODDESS MODE #1 page 9. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Now, in regards to layering the plot, Quinn, again shows her strength. There’s a lot of interesting aspects to society and general life. Hermeticorp and the general population are ruled by a god-like AI. This said AI seems to be connected to a pentagram symbol shown in the first few pages of GODDESS MODE #1. With this assumption, there must be a greater evil, like a higher power in GODDESS MODE #1. We’ll just have to see what Cassandra finds out from the powerful, colorful, and magical women in GODDESS MODE #2.

The Art’s Colorful and Channels David Bowie

With the combined efforts of artist Robbi Rodriguez, colorist Rico Renzi, and variant cover artist Stjepan Šejić, GODDESS MODE #1 starts off with a gorgeous rainbow set of colors. There’s sort of a simulation video game-esque feel along with the aesthetic of the late musician and actor, David Bowie. It’s hard not to feel like the characters and the worlds channel influences from a game because of all the futuristic tech and the way everything looks where Cassandra finds herself. The 80’s hair metal come into play due to all the crazy colorful desgins for each of the mysterious women. 

Now, this next part’s going to sound pretty contradictory after claiming how vibrant GODDESS MODE #1 is. There’s no doubt there are a lot of cool mixes of color, but they don’t look particularly vibrant. Due to this, it kind of prevents the reader from having an awestruck moment. For example, when Cassandra teleports to the mysterious world, that whole process — plus everything in that world itself — should be popping hard with color. So it left this reader feeling a little disappointed.

GODDESS MODE #1 page 14. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

What to Look Forward to in GODDESS MODE #2?

We can always speculate what might happen, however, this time it’s pretty straightforward regarding what the big questions are. Who are the women that want Cassandra to help them save the world? What does the world need saving from? The AI god perhaps? Stayed tuned and find out more!

Buckle up and hold on to your pixels because GODDESS MODE #2 is coming to stores near you in 2019!

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