mister miracle #7
MISTER MIRACLE #7 is an amazing issue. It's the perfect blend of humor and serious, relatable drama with some heartwarming moments peppered in. Tom King outdoes himself with this issue. Mitch Gerads' art elevates this book from great to outstanding.
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In the midst of the biblical New Genesis & Apokolips war, Scott Free and Big Barda prepare to welcome a New God into the world. In MISTER MIRACLE #7, the pregnant Barda finds herself in labor at a Los Angeles hospital. Tom King writes a truly funny story with this issue. As with the rest of the series, the relative mundanity of seeing a wife and a husband waiting for their baby to be born in a hospital combined with the overly-serious and ridiculous world of the New Gods makes for a hilarious read.

On top of this, King writes a touching story of a husband doting over his wife going through labor, and many of the real-life fears that can abound during this difficult process. Artist Mitch Gerads does a stupendous job visually conveying the banal nature of the hospital juxtaposed with the relative absurdity of the New Gods. This especially comes through when we see the Female Furies sitting in a waiting room all issue. King continues his soon-to-be-classic miniseries with an offbeat-yet-relatable issue in MISTER MIRACLE #7.

Labor Day in MISTER MIRACLE #7

In the previous issue, we learned that Scott and Barda were expecting. Scott also became the Highfather of New Genesis. In MISTER MIRACLE #7, which takes place a few months later, Scott takes Barda to the hospital because she’s gone into labor. Despite being denizens of a fanciful planet of Kirby-created kooks, Scott and Barda’s time at the hospital stays very down-to-Earth. For example, Scott struggles to find parking while Barda’s going through contractions. It makes for quite a funny juxtaposition whenever King reminds us that these characters are supernatural. I loved the little touches, like when Scott checks his Motherbox as if it were a smartphone.

mister miracle #7
MISTER MIRACLE #7 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The funniest and most bizarre aspect of the issue comes when Scott and Barda hear a Boom Tube open outside their room. Barda’s former allies turned foes, the Female Furies, show up to support Barda in their own way. They were her sisters for all of her childhood. They also have some of Jack Kirby’s most ridiculous designs, especially Lashina and Mad Harriet. Lashina looks like a dominatrix who got her design sense from a PG version of HELLRAISER. Meanwhile, Mad Harriet looks like an even more absurd version of the Creeper. Seeing them sit in an evenly lit waiting room is a priceless visual gag. On top of this, Scott flippantly responds to their various portents of doom and death with a simple “okay.” Gags like that are partly why I keep anticipating each new issue of MISTER MIRACLE.

Inhuman Humanity in MISTER MIRACLE #7

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The other reason why I keep coming back is the relentlessly human nature of King’s writing in this book. In MISTER MIRACLE #7, I really felt for Scott and Barda. They go through what, I’m sure, many soon-to-be parents face during labor. It can be a scary process. At one point, the baby’s heartbeat monitor stops beeping and Barda becomes genuinely nervous. Scott tries to keep his cool, assuring Barda that everything is fine, but he’s clearly a nervous wreck. By the time the nurse comes in, he’s clutching his head in fear. Barda starts crying. Tough would be an understatement when describing these characters. They were both literally raised in Hell, undergoing various tortures in order to make them emotionless and evil. They broke free of that, and now the mere thought of losing their baby makes them break down. That’s heartbreaking.

King must have been drawing from experience when he wrote this. He’s a father himself. That makes this scene hit home even harder. Seeing a potential parent fear the loss of their child before it’s even born is devastating. That elevated MISTER MIRACLE #7 from just a clever juxtaposition. It made it a serious, thoughtful read.

Gerads’ Amazing Artwork

Gerads’ artwork is what makes this issue so, for the most part, funny. Seeing Scott get all fidgety in the hospital room was a great piece of relatable humor. When I’m incredibly nervous about something, I get the same way. It really conveyed his fear without any dialogue.

mister miracle #7
MISTER MIRACLE #7 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Barda staring off in fear for this new experience was great in a different way. It showed how this incredibly strong woman, both mentally and physically, fears raising a child. She was never taught child rearing in Apokolips. It’s a foreign concept to her but she’s fearfully excited, as you can see by her facial expressions.

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Final Thoughts: MISTER MIRACLE #7

Pick up MISTER MIRACLE #7. Seriously. It’s hilarious, heartwarming, and human. It’s yet another reason why King is such a superstar writer. Gerads’ art only makes the issue even better. Don’t sleep on this one.

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