MISTER MIRACLE #2 By Tom King and Mitch Gerads
MISTER MIRACLE #2 is the issue everybody should be talking about. It's just as creative, clever, and engaging as the first installment of this terrific new series by Tom King. Alongside artist Mitch Gerads, King creates an epic but dark vibe for this book that makes it a unique vision in comic books.
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A Complex Escapade

Last month, Tom King introduced the fabulous limited series MISTER MIRACLE. MISTER MIRACLE #1 was a fantastic issue that was captivating, mysterious, and provocative. MISTER MIRACLE #2 continues this extraordinary series with an equally intricate and engrossing story. Tom King reveals enough interesting plot points to keep readers locked into the story, but he also holds back enough information to keep us wanting more.

MISTER MIRACLE #2 page 18. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Tom King said he wanted to try to make a book on the same ambitious scale of WATCHMEN or DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. So far, this effort is paying off. He and artist Mitch Gerads have resurrected the worlds of Jack Kirby in this epic, gritty book that has great potential to become a modern classic.

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The Grime Behind The Polish

In the last issue, Orion called Scott Free (AKA Mister Miracle) back to New Genesis to repel the invading forces of Darkseid. MISTER MIRACLE #2 opens with the image of a Parademon, one of Darkseid’s grunts. Usually, writers depict Parademons as evil nuisances that the heroes can easy swat away like flies. Yet, on the first page of this comic, we see a Parademon tear apart the flesh of a fallen combatant. The shocking visual of a typically cartoonish henchman consuming his enemy shows the different tone that King and Gerads are taking in this comic.

MISTER MIRACLE #2 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

King and Gerads are purposefully playing with ideas of reality. We see moments throughout this issues where Gerads draws and colors the comic in bright, colorful hues similar to Jack Kirby’s original FOURTH WORLD series. In panels like this, we see Mister Miracle and his wife Big Barda in their flashy costumes in a luminescent apartment in New Genesis. Then the pigments on the next page can shift radically to dark reds, browns, and grays when showing the brutal war with Apokolips.

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These shocking transformations define the paradox of MISTER MIRACLE. On one hand, the book is a continuation of the classic straightforward good vs. evil narrative that Jack Kirby established in NEW GODS #1. Yet, on the other hand, it depicts a dark, bloody conflict which Scott Free reluctantly finds himself in the middle of. This paradox also embodies the conflict that Scott Free is facing in this series.

A Tale of Two Fathers

Scott Free is a character who has always struggled with his place within the New Gods. Although he’s the biological son of the noble Highfather, Darkseid raised him as part of a peace treaty between New Genesis and Apokolips. There Darkseid had the merciless Granny Goodness torture and train Scott Free in the Apokoliptean prison, the X-Pit. Eventually, Scott Free escaped and came to Earth alongside his wife, Big Barda, where he fashioned himself as the greatest escape artist ever.

MISTER MIRACLE #2 page 9. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Scott Free is the embodiment of freedom in the DC universe. He was able to escape the chains and tyrannical regime of Apokolips. Yet, Scott can never escape the fact that Darkseid is a major part of who he is. As it was in the previous issue, there’s a panel which is dedicated only to the words “Darkseid Is.” This shows that, as much as Scott wants to honor his true father, Darkseid’s presence still looms over him. This conflict within Scott Free is what makes him a reluctant general in New Genesis.

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Unlike Orion or Big Barda, Scott is uncomfortable being a soldier that serves without question. King shows this in how Scott hesitates to bow to Orion. Scott learned in Apokolips that unwavering obedience and loyalty can lead to a loss of freedom. Therefore, he’s more reluctant to label the bad guys as purely evil and the good guys as purely noble. Tom King’s representation of Scott Free’s character in this comic is simply amazing. To present such a complex tale, you need a complicated protagonist. Mister Miracle’s whole goal is to escape every enclosure. Can he escape his own past?


MISTER MIRACLE #2 is further proof that this series is DC’s best currently ongoing book. Tom King and Mitch Gerads are able to weave such a delicate and intricate yarn together. They tell the perfect story that features so many powerful themes. The mystery in every issue is tantalizing as we explore the secrets behind the iconic New Gods. It’s painful to wait a month to discover what’s going on with Scott Free because every issue seems to radically change what we knew about Jack Kirby’s creations. I’m willing to wait to receive my next issue, however, if the quality continues to be this good.

At the end of MISTER MIRACLE #2 I’m left with more questions than I had after the first issue. I’m excited to see how King decides to answer these mysteries. As part of a 12-issue run, Tom King has the potential to take this story into even more fascinating and incredible directions.

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