MISTER MIRACLE #11 by Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Clayton Cowles
The plot of MISTER MIRACLE #11 may give you emotional whiplash, but only in the best way possible. It'll keep you guessing until the very end, as you laugh, cry, and lost your damn mind watching the events unfold. The characters are human and relatable even though they're basically gods. You will feel every moment of this story right along with them. And the immaculate artwork only elevates the book to the next level.
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So Emotional

There is a damn good reason that Tom King and Mitch Gerads won big at the Eisner Awards this year. They once again prove that they are at the top of their game with MISTER MIRACLE #11. The penultimate issue of the series is emotional, funny, action-packed and an all-around win for the team.

It addresses big threats and introduces new ones. MISTER MIRACLE #11 will keep readers in suspense until the very end, telling a tale that is somehow bone-chilling, heart-wrenching, and smile-inducing all at the same time. Spoilers ahead.

MISTER MIRACLE #11 Attempts to Rip Your Heart Out of Your Chest

Tom King is an absolute master at melding the mundane with the fantastic. MISTER MIRACLE #11 opens with Barda and Scott packing up to bring their son, Jacob, to Darkseid. The intimidating villain has agreed to end a bloody war in exchange for the child, leaving Scott and Barda no real choice but to comply. The stakes are high, but King takes up a couple pages to show us Jacob’s favorite Batman toy and tell us that he usually spits up while riding in a boom tube. Oh, and Scott brings a veggie tray. It’s these little moments and details that ground these characters in reality even though they’re superhuman gods. These touches make them relatable. They make them us.

MISTER MIRACLE #11 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Which is why you will go from cracking up at the entire page dedicated to Darkseid eating carrots, to sobbing like an idiot while Scott and Barda hand over their beloved child. The emotional roller coaster of MISTER MIRACLE #11 mostly takes place in a single room, as the couple that King has made you fall in love with for ten issues sacrifices their world to save the universe. But of course, Scott has a trick up his sleeve.

It All Goes to Hell … Or Does It?

Once Darkseid has the child, he agrees to pull his forces back. He even rips out his own eye so that he cannot use his biggest weapon — the omega beams that power the anti-life equation. Scott then asks to say goodbye to his son. He gives a heart-wrenching speech and then gives Barda the signal.

Barda literally pulls out the big guns. This weapon has been tested a million times, and nothing is immune to its power. That is, expect Darkseid. He attacks Barda and then moves on to Scott. Just when you lose all hope, Scott pulls the rabbit out of the hat. Well, it’s actually a fahren-knife out of a veggie platter, but same thing.

MISTER MIRACLE #11 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Scott stabs Darkseid, explaining that it was made by his brother, Orion. Darkseid falls, fulfilling the prophecy which stated that only Orion could kill him.

Barda rises, and it looks like they all got away… scot-free (I’m not even sorry).

MISTER MIRACLE #11 concludes as another threat reveals itself. Metron is there, and he has a whole new world to show Mister Miracle.

A Work of Art

Honestly, King’s way with words is nothing short of masterful. There are some excellent lines in MISTER MIRACLE #11. A highlight is when Scott is accused of plotting to kill Darkseid. He explains that he’s an escape artist, and sarcastically adds, “I’m going to escape him to death!”

This moment of comic relief is absolute gold, but Mitch Gerads’ artwork is what really makes it shine. Gerads frames this particular moment so that you’re seeing Scott, Barda, and Jacob from Darkseid’s perspective. They’re far away, appearing very small in a big room. They’re simply too far away for us to see their faces clearly. Gerads had to find a way to deliver this humorous moment without giving Scott or Barda clear facial expressions. He somehow pulls it off seamlessly.

MISTER MIRACLE #11 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Even though this moment is phenomenal, it’s really Gerads’ brilliant work with faces that sets MISTER MIRACLE #11 — and the rest of the series — apart. Darkseid’s deadpan face as he dips a carrot, crunches on it, then takes another is instantly iconic. I never knew I wanted a full, nine-panel page of Darkseid eating carrots, but now I can’t imagine life without it. Conversely, Barda’s face as Scott says goodbye to their son will have you reaching for a box of tissues. It’s an extremely powerful panel, and it really shows off Gerads’ prowess.

Preparing for the End

King and Gerads (along with letterer Clayton Cowles and cover artist Nick Derington) deliver one hell of an experience in MISTER MIRACLE #11. This series is always consistently excellent, and this issue is no exception. Though it will pain me to read the last page of the final issue, I can’t wait to be able to revisit the series as one full story and go through the roller coaster of joy, fear, sorrow, repeat that this team brings time and time again.

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Note: This reviewer does not give perfect 100 scores. She believes that comics are art and that no art is perfect — nor should it be. Each book means different things to different people, so she does not feel like scoring any element of a book as “perfect” would be accurate.

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