In MISFIT CITY #3 by Boom! Studios, the treasure hunt isn’t getting any easier. Wilder and Co. are realizing just how dangerous their plan is. The goth twins are still hot on their tracks, Wilder’s mom is beginning to suspect fishy business, and even Black Mary’s ghost has something to say.

Interpersonal Issues

Though the main group interacts a lot, in MISFIT CITY #3, we get to see other relationships: Romantic, familial, and platonic. Wilder’s crush on Macy’s brother, Todd, continues to not really go anywhere, Ed’s ex-girlfriend becomes essential to the investigation, and parents are beginning to question why their kids keep getting into weird situations.

misfit city #3
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In this particular issue, Wilder’s relationship with her mom gets more page time. While not a new development, Wilder and her mother are still butting heads. In fact, her mother plays a pretty big role in MISFIT CITY #3. As mothers do, she makes sure Wilder is on track with her future. But it’s clear that Wilder will have a tough time getting out of Cannon Cove. Her mom encourages her to stay close to home instead of applying for her dream college, despite how smart Wilder is. This scene is a good reminder that these characters are still kids. However, college applications aren’t the only point of contention.

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As the issue progresses, Wilder’s mom becomes more suspicious of the friends’ treasure hunt. Everywhere they go, her mom seems to be a step behind. While having a mom in law enforcement is usually a pro, it gets in the way in this case. I would love to see Wilder’s mom take down some bad guys in the next issue.

Image courtesy of Boom! Studios

Queer Representation in MISFIT CITY #3

As readers know, Ed is the money-loving member of the group. Although parents and other adults refer to Wilder’s group as “girls,” even when Ed is around, I’m hesitant to use she/her pronouns. So for the sake of uncertainty, I’ll use they/them. People present their gender in completely different ways, so the fact that “Ed” isn’t a traditionally “feminine” nickname isn’t what makes me think they may be non-binary or trans. Wilder and the others usually refer to one another as “she.” When referring to Ed, usually the characters just use “Ed.” This might be a total coincidence. Sometimes pronouns just aren’t necessary. But there are a few other elements at play.

In one scene, Wilder’s mom and Ed’s dad talk about the break-in at the construction site. Ed makes a hushed comment about the villainous twins and their father calls them “Edwina.” So, it could just be the fact that Ed wanted something less Victorian-sounding. But, it’s pretty common for gender fluid people to shorten their original name to something more neutral. And, in general, Ed has an androgynous haircut and style.

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We also meet Ed’s ex-girlfriend, Dylan. So even if my speculation is totally off-base, Ed is still queer in some way. The characters have referred to Dylan before, so this isn’t entirely new info. But actually seeing her interact with Ed and Ed being flustered by her is really cute (but also bittersweet, considering they didn’t last). I’d love to see more fleshing-out of this characters, as non-binary and trans representation is extremely important.

A Paranormal Cliffhanger

Up until this issue, the supernatural has only been speculation. Aside from Karma’s sensitivity to the paranormal, we haven’t actually met any ghosts until now. When Karma suggests a seance to contact Black Mary, the others aren’t entirely keen on the idea. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, messing with spirits isn’t always the best plan.

Ed and Macy don’t take the seance too seriously at first, imploring Black Mary to show them her “booty.” But as the wind mysteriously picks up, the logical Dot is the vessel that Black Mary chooses. Through Dot, Black Mary delivers a disturbingly cryptic warning. Basically, anyone who looks for her treasure is a dead man.

misfit city #3
Image courtesy of Boom! Studios


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This scene holds some of the coolest illustrations of the issue as well. There’s a lot of talking near the beginning of the issue, so the art isn’t doing as much work. The seance scene, however, looks otherworldly and signals a stark tonal change. Things are about to get real. The color palette is pretty simple with dark blues and purples, but the accents of ghoulish green and the stark white of Dot’s eyes make the scene extra spooky.

A bright green flash of light signals Black Mary’s departure, but Dot doesn’t look so good. The issue ends with the others trying to wake her up from her post-possession nap. And considering the twins will make an appearance at Shuck Fest, the crew is going to need all the help they can get for the final issue!

Get your hands on MISFIT CITY #3 July 12th through your local comic shop or online!

MISFIT CITY #3 by Kiwi Smith, Kurt Lustgarten, and Naomi Franquiz
MISFIT CITY #3 amps things up as the crew continues to hide their treasure-hunting from family and friends. But when they contact Black Mary through a seance, they realize how deep they've gone down the rabbit hole.
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