MISFIT CITY #2 is back at it again with the awesome art, fun mystery, and lovable animal sidekick! And after a month, I was eager to see what Wilder and Co. were up to next. In this issue, we meet some new characters, find out more about the map’s origins, and watch the stakes rise as antagonists catch onto the girls’ detective trail.

Succinct Scenes and Sleuthing

The gang moves around a lot in MISFIT CITY #2. But fast-paced changes aren’t jarring and confusing. Naomi Franquiz and colorist Brittany Peer do a great job of setting each scene and distinguishing one from the other. The illustrations between scenes differ in color and lighting but connect smoothly. Even flashbacks or imagined scenes from the past are distinct.

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Usually, there’s an establishing shot, like the high and ominous gates of the deceased captain’s estate or the front of the local library. The atmosphere is perfect for a spooky treasure hunt.

misfit city #2
Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

And we also get to see more of the antagonists that threaten this adventure. The sinister siblings (niece and nephew of the late Captain Denby) are still trying to get the map, but they’re not the only ones. The man who stole the chest from the museum in the first issue isn’t satisfied with the chest’s contents. And he’s not far from figuring out his next move.

Character Development in MISFIT CITY #2

It’s nice to see that each member of the main character group gets time to shine. The MISFIT CITY #1 mostly focuses on introducing each character, though Wilder and Macy seemed to take center stage. In this issue, we get to see more of Dot’s detective skills and encyclopedia-like brain. There’s definitely more to this girl than shucking oysters. Even her librarian mother’s intensity and questions about the map don’t stop her from taking the reigns this time around.

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I also love that each character is so different, to the point where they butt heads a lot. It would be a boring story if they were all perfectly aligned. Macy doesn’t have time for guessing games, Karma does her best to keep the peace, and Dot doesn’t mind taking her time and enjoying the mystery. The odd friend combination says a lot about the area they live in too, as a small town doesn’t have many options when it comes to making friends. Yet, their differences are what make the story so great.

Image courtesy of BOOM! Studios.

A Pirate’s Life for Me

The pirate theme obviously permeates most of the story, but usually it’s for tourism’s sake. In MISFIT CITY #2, the group discovers that the map belongs to a Black Mary, a notoriously frightening captain.

Image courtesy of Boom! Studios.

Now, this is more speculation than anything, but the unidentified man who stole the chest seems rather pirate-y himself. Was Old Captain Denby more than the man who owned the parrots? As somebody who enjoys the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies way more than necessary, the thought of connecting the lore to the characters more is definitely exciting. Perhaps the man with the anchor tattoo is connected to Black Mary. That, or he’s just a seriously angry hipster.

What’s Next?

For now, MISFIT CITY will only have four issues. In an interview with Smith and Lustgarten on Bleeding Cool, the creators believed the four issues would satisfy readers if the series didn’t continue. Hopefully, BOOM! will renew the series for a longer run, as there’s a lot of ground to cover in this story.

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We need more series that diversify adventure and support queer creators like illustrator Naomi Franquiz. BOOM! Studios is a smaller company, but their comics have consistently allowed creators to push comics further. Although none of the characters are explicitly queer (yet), there’s a great chance to explore that facet of the work.

However, publishers don’t renew comics without any readers. To keep supporting the comic, you can subscribe via BOOM! Studios’ site or check it out on Amazon!

MISFIT CITY #2 by Kiwi Smith and Kurt Lustgarten
MISFIT CITY #2 doesn't disappoint as it explores more of the town's history, more pirate lore, and Pippin the dog's ability to save the day when least expected.
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