MILLENNIALS by Dennis Mui with art by Kay Honda. This original webcomic was produced and edited by Kristine Don exclusively for ComicsVerse. For mobile viewers, please click the image to zoom.


The web comic spawned from a real event that happened a week or so before writing the story. I was going on a first date on a cold and windy day, so I had no intention of looking disastrous for it. Instead of taking the risk of being sweaty, having a red face, and a disheveled hair style, I sent for an Uber to dive me to the restaurant. The ride lasted for about five minutes. As far as I can recall, it was pretty much the laziest moment in my life.

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The rest of it is pulled from other millenials I’ve witnessed over the past few months as a student. Starbucks, Pinkberry, Crossfit, Whole Foods, and Uber have become typical in almost every twenty-something’s life, so those were some obvious choices to include in this comic. I do need to give a shout out to my friend Tom for being the inspiration for the fit male with the coffee.

The goal of the web comic is just to poke fun at millenials and hope readers get a laugh out of it. Maybe, as a reader, you know someone that is depicted like one of the characters in this comic and you’ll understand where we’re coming from with it. Most importantly, this couldn’t have been made without the ideas of Kristine Don and amazing artwork of Kay Honda. Go Team!

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