After a brief hiatus, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS is finally back with Issue #2. However, after the massive success of the Boom Studios series’ first issue, were the creative team of Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya able to keep the momentum going?


The issue begins with Billy and Trini doing repairs on the Dragonzord and attempting to find out why it’s currently out of Tommy’s control. While doing so, the two discuss Billy’s role on the team, with Trini convincing him that he still has value even though he’s not the fighter Tommy is. The issue then transitions over to Tommy in his bedroom with Scorpina, picking up on last issue’s cliffhanger. After she threatens his mother, Tommy is able to teleport the two of them away to an isolated area. Once they arrive, he morphs into his Green Ranger identity and engages her and a group of Putties in battle.


Meanwhile, Kimberly meets up with Jason after the latter’s karate class. The two briefly discuss Kim’s budding relationship with Tommy, as well as Kim’s home life, before they receive a distress call from Zordon informing them that they need to help the Green Ranger. Once the other Rangers arrive, they’re able to fend off Scorpina and destroy the Putties. However, Tommy, still being haunted by the visions of Rita taunting him, angrily lashes out at his teammates. His behavior continues at the command center, where he angrily snaps at the team before passing out, ending the issue on a cliffhanger.

I was a huge fan of the first issue of MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, and this issue was even better. First off, while I didn’t necessarily miss any morphed fight scenes in the previous issue, I was a big fan of the fight sequence in this issue. Higgins and Prasetya deliver a scene that feels like it’s directly lifted from the television series. It nails the aesthetic to the point that I heard the classic Ron Wasserman score in my head as I read it.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #2 also addresses my major complaint about the previous issue, its lack of characterization for non-Tommy characters. The issue immediately improves in this area by providing readers with an excellent opening scene between Billy and Trini, who were almost completely ignored during the opening issue. The bond between these two characters was explored a good amount on the original television series, and it’s nice to see that reinforced here. I especially loved Trini building Billy’s confidence as far as his role on the team goes. While not as well done, the scenes between Kimberly and Jason also build those characters in their own way, especially the reference to the former’s parents divorcing. Speaking of parents, this issue also gave a brief glimpse of Tommy’s mom, a character fans have wanted to see for many years.


I found Hendry Prasetya’s art to be improved in this issue, mainly due to the fact that a majority of it is made up of a morphed fight sequence. As I said above, Prasetya knocked this action out of the park, capturing both the style of the show and also the superheroic nature of the Ranger powers. That said, his work on the un-morphed characters improved as well, especially in regards to Billy and Trini who actually conveyed emotion and facial expressions this month.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS continues to improve on its strong foundation this issue, providing well-done action sequences combined with great character moments. Not only would I recommend this to fans nostalgic for the franchise, but I would go far enough to say that even those who’ve never seen POWER RANGERS, but like good comics will find something to enjoy.

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