GREEN LANTERNS #57 ends "Evil's Might" with a final battle in Coast City. Dan Jurgens and co. create a solid ending, but the whole story seems to have missed the point of the book.
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Lopsided Finish

GREEN LANTERNS #57 ends “Evil’s Might” with a climactic fight in Coast City. Dan Jurgens writes a fairly solid story, but it also demonstrates his troubles with the original premise of this book.

Warning, potential spoilers for GREEN LANTERNS #57 are below!

Brawl For All

The issue opens up with a shot of life in Coast City, just before Hank Henshaw lands. Right from the first page, we see the same problems that have dogged the art team of Mike Perkins and Hi-Fi. Muddy textures, lack of detail, and problems with shadows still haunt them.

GREEN LANTERNS #57 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I’ve talked about the art problems before, so I’m not going into it much here. The art and story do pick up with the arrival of Henshaw, who quickly begins killing everyone in sight. Jurgens actually handles this part well. The people of Coast City instantly recognize Henshaw and run in fear of him. It’s in keeping with Henshaw’s history, but it’s also in line with Jurgen’s tendency to focus on his past work with Henshaw and Green Lantern.

Hal does arrive to oppose the Cyborg Superman (though it’s unclear how he got from Mogo to Earth so fast). Meanwhile, the other Lanterns use Henshaw’s absence to take back their rings and combat the Ravagers. This offers some strong fight scenes, but it’s undone when the Guardians trap Eon. Eon was shown as Henshaw’s uber-powerful lieutenant, but he’s been imprisoned off-screen. It robs us of the epic battle Eon and the Guardians could have had.

Program Terminated

Back on Earth, Henshaw and Hal continue their fight, with the former using the Phantom Ring to gain an advantage. However, Hal planned o this, and has a surprise for waiting for Henshaw.

GREEN LANTERNS #57 page 13. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

This splash panel is a nice step up from the art team. There is still muddy texture in spots, but the colors are bright enough to make up for it. The fight is good too; the Lanterns brought Sodam Yat to counter Henshaw’s “Superman” abilities. Hal also taunts Henshaw for never learning how to properly use the Phantom Ring . These two factors allow the Lanterns to defeat Henshaw once and for all.

Bugs in the System

The story ends back on Mogo, with the Guardians and Hal discussing cleansing the rings, and temporarily moving back to a rebuilt Oa (would’ve been nice to know about that beforehand). However, the real ending is alternately fitting and incredibly frustrating at the same time. Jessica Cruz has decided to spend time away from Earth and explore the universe. On one hand, this is a fitting arc for a person once too terrified to leave her own apartment. On the other, there are multiple problems with Jurgens’ ending.

First, Cruz and Simon Baz are still linked to the same power battery, so how will that work with her off planet? Second, but more critically. Jurgens has spent almost no time with Cruz throughout his run. These last few issues have focused far more on Hal and the rest of the Corps (who Jurgens was probably more familiar with) instead Baz and Cruz, who started as the focus of this series. So longtime fans might be happy with her transformation, but there was almost no buildup to get us here. It simply doesn’t have the impact a moment like this should.

Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #57

GREEN LANTERNS #57, and the end of “Evil’s Might” sums up Jurgens’ run on this series. The arc was competent, but it felt like Jurgens had never read GREEN LANTERNS prior to working on the series. He made it more about the familiar Green Lantern aspect then putting his talents towards newer characters. It doesn’t help how much of this series has echoed his past work. The art team never got a clear handle on things either, alternating between good and ugly. Sadly, this seems to be the last issue of GREEN LANTERNS, and it’s a shame a great series ended on such a low note.

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