Michael Moreci nycc 2015 interview

Middle-Earth.  Pandora.  Westeros.

The creators of these worlds can tell you that there’s a lot more to writing than characters and plot.  The setting is as much a part of the story, if not more.  Without these richly described, intricately developed worlds, the stories within them would be incredibly different.

Think – what would Lord of the Rings be without an epic world to journey across, complete with indigenous creatures and species, a developed history, and even languages native to the regions in the world?

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At New York City Comic Con 2015, ComicsVerse had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Moreci, who is known for building worlds as beautiful and intricate as any you’ll find in pop culture today.  While most of the booths is artist alley are from artists (as one might expect), Moreci is primarily a writer.  His work includes ROCHE LIMIT and BURNING FIELDS, among many others.

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With so many interviews with artists, it was great to have a chat with a writer and get to see his side of the comic creation process.  From initial idea to final draft, it was a true inspiration to walk through Michael Moreci’s creative process.

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For writers and anyone interested in the writing process, this interview is absolutely a must-watch.  This peek inside the mind of one of the comic industry’s great creators is invaluable.

ComicsVerse will continue to bring you more exclusive interviews from New York City Comic CON 2015.  Stay tuned for more coverage of the East Coast’s biggest pop culture convention!

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