DAMAGE #8 is a solid issue. With the introduction of a new character, the Unknown Soldier, the redundant plot line of the Damage series may finally change. Although some facial expression look stiff and lifeless, the face paced nature during the chase scenes is captured in the artwork. Overall, a decent issue.
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After the chaos of the last issue, Ethan Avery is cornered by his persecutors. Then a new ally enters the picture; will this mysterious man have the answers that Ethan has been searching for? The even bigger question is: will Ethan Avery finally find the Unknown Soldier from his memories? Check out DAMAGE #8 and see for yourself!

Warning, potential spoilers are below!

Damage’s Origins Revealed in DAMAGE #7

Finding the Unknown Soldier

DAMAGE #8 opens with Ethan unconscious, in a hospital bed. Colonel Jonas and her team of metahumans have him surrounded. Suddenly, a man with a bandaged face barges into Ethan’s hospital room. This man of mystery — who knows all about Ethan’s monstrous half, Damage — reveals himself to be the Unknown Soldier. What a twist! The Unknown Soldier wasn’t a monument in D.C. but an actual person! In DAMAGE #5, Ethan had a flashback about finding the Unknown Soldier, who’s actually a well-known DC character.

When the Colonel’s gang of mutants finds Ethan and the Unknown Soldier trying to escape, they have an awesome fight in an elevator. It’s a very cool scene because it’s a fast, destructive battle in a small, enclosed space. When the elevator falls down the shaft and crashes, the Unknown Soldier continues to flee with Ethan. Despite the squad close on their tails, Ethan is insistent in getting some answers from the Soldier.


DAMAGE #8 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Truth Behind Damage

The Unknown Soldier explains how he was involved in the Damage project, the experiment that originally created the monster. During Damage’s transport, the Soldier gave Ethan an anti-sedative so that he would wake up early. Basically, the Soldier’s actions are responsible for Damage’s initial escape in DAMAGE #1 and all the chaos that followed. Also, he gives a bit of insight into the destruction and slaughter Damage had caused during the experiment’s trial runs.

Since the beast is a part of him, Ethan is hit with a wave of grief after learning about Damage’s past actions. He wanted to be a hero, not a weapon of war. At the end of DAMAGE #8, Damage comes face to face with Colonel Jonas and her team. Will this upcoming fight put an end to the drawn-out chase? Well, we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out!

Cat and Mouse Chase

Frankly speaking, the story was beginning to become repetitive. In the previous issues, Damage encountering his persecutors and then evading capture seemed like a never-ending cycle. DAMAGE #8 initially seems to follows the same routine as seen in prior DAMAGE instalments.

Ethan Fights for Control in DAMAGE #5

However, this issue — written by Robert Venditti — does have a saving grace. In the end, Damage comes face to face with his pursuers. Is this the confrontation we’ve been waiting forever for? Also, will the inclusion of this Unknown Soldier change the plotline for the better? For this series, I hope DAMAGE #8 is the turning point that leads to a fresher storyline.

The Unknown Soldier

For the past couple of issues, Ethan has been searching for the Unknown Soldier. All this time, he believed the Unknown Soldier was a reference to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Including the Soldier in this series is an interesting choice. At long last, Ethan has someone in his corner.

The Soldier’s involvement and knowledge of the military’s experimentation, and Ethan’s initial escape, enriches Damage’s backstory. In the next couple of issues, I hope we learn more about the Unknown Soldier. With his face bandaged, there is an air of mystery around him. The Unknown Soldier certainly lives up to his moniker. He may prove to be a valuable supporting character and add a lot of complexity to the story.

DAMAGE #8 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Final Thoughts on DAMAGE #8

The artwork by Diogenes Neves and Trevor Scott felt a bit stiff this issue. Some of the facial expressions appeared stony. On the other hand, the more fast-paced scenes, like the fight in the elevator shaft, are swift and eye-catching.

Overall, DAMAGE #8 is a mixed bag, yet still shows some promise for an awesome story. Is the plot becoming a little redundant? Yes. It’s turning into a cat and mouse chase that never seems to end. Will this new character shake things up storywise? Hopefully, for DAMAGE’s sake.

For a while, it felt like the entire world was after Damage. Now, Ethan has someone on his side. The Unknown Soldier has quickly become a very interesting and important character to this arc. DAMAGE #8 is a decent issue and might be the turning point for this series!

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