Meet The Skrulls #1

MEET THE SKRULLS #1 Preview Introduces Friendly Family

Just your average neighborhood family in this MEET THE SKRULLS #1 preview. Nothing to set them apart from you or me, except the fact that they can shape shift. Which might explain why there’s a murderous mech after them? You’ll be just as curious once you check out the preview below!


Meet The Skrulls


Written by: Robbie Thompson

Art by: Niko Henrichon

Cover by: Marcos Martin

You don’t want to miss these family friendly Skrulls! Get your copy here!


The Warners are your typical family. Dad works at Stark. Mom works in a senator’s office. Jennifer and Alice are students at Stamford High School. The only thing that makes them different is that they’re shape-shifting Skrulls and have infiltrated our society to pave the way for a Skrull invasion. Robbie Thompson (SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL) and Niko Henrichon (DOCTOR STRANGE, Pride of Baghdad) bring the Marvel Universe down to earth with a bold new look at the Skrulls that will test even YOUR loyalty.

MEET THE SKRULLS #1 Preview Image Gallery

Meet The Skrulls #1 Meet The Skrulls #1 Meet The Skrulls #1 Meet The Skrulls #1 Meet The Skrulls #1

Meet The Skrulls #1

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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