NAOMI #1 is a brilliant comic, full of mystery and humor. Visually, the artwork is vibrant and refreshing. The lead character is an inquisitive young girl with a possible connection to Superman. Definitely worth checking out!
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Meet Naomi, the newest heroine in the DC Universe. Written by David F Walker and Brian Michael Bendis, NAOMI #1 centers around a young girl, who has a strange obsession with Superman. Featuring the brilliant artwork by Jamal Campbell, this comic is a visual treat. With a refreshing storyline and beautiful images, NAOMI #1 is definitely worth checking out.

Meet Superman’s Biggest Fan in NAOMI #1

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, It’s Superman! And while fighting Mongul, the hero crashes into a small, Northwestern town. Although Superman’s appearance is brief, the whole town is buzzing with excitement. Especially, a young teenage girl named Naomi, who has an intense fixation on all things Superman. So much so, that her therapist believes she has “Superman Complex,” or the over-idealization of an adopted orphan who grew up to be something special.

Naomi #1 Pages 6-7.
NAOMI #1 pages 6 & 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

While hanging out with some friends, she overhears a rumor. Years ago, the town experienced another superhero related event. Eager to know more, she begins to interrogate the townspeople. Towards the end of NAOMI #1, Naomi finds Dee, a muscle-bound mechanic. In a cliffhanger ending, he informs her of the date of the last supernatural event. Seventeen years ago, the same day Naomi was adopted. How is Naomi connected to Superman? Will she learn the truth about her mysterious adoption? We’ll have to wait for the next issue.

The Bustle of a Small Town

Usually, stories surrounding superheroes take place in bustling metropolis type cities. In NAOMI #1, the story is set in this small town where nothing exciting ever happens. And I am digging the close-knit vibe of the community. For a quant, boring town, there are some quirky characters that lace this comic with warmhearted humor. The comedy adds a well-needed lightness to NAOMI #1, contrasting from the overhanging mystery of Naomi’s Superman obsession.

This is a very dialogue heavy story. NAOMI #1 has a fast-paced beat about it.  These candid conversations of the people in the town carry the overall plot. NAOMI #1 plays out like a classic mystery story. With Naomi determined to investigate, her questions and unbridled curiosity guide the plot along. Overall, the dialogue and characters keep the reader engaged, not once losing interest.

NAOMI #1 Page 1. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
NAOMI #1 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Vibrant Visuals

As strange as it sounds, all the townsfolk in NAOMI #1 feel like they are actually living, breathing people. No two citizens look alike, making for a diverse cast of characters. Facial expressions look genuine and natural. Some of the two-page panels are simply gorgeous. In the middle of NAOMI #1, the scene with the kids hanging out at a park, with a sunset backdrop, is just dripping with beauty and youthful energy. All in all, the artwork by Jamal Campbell is vibrant and eclectic.

Final Thoughts on NAOMI #1

For a premiere issue, NAOMI #1 is a great beginning. Writers David Walker and Brian Michael Bendis have brought us a refreshing plotline. This curious, female protagonist and the new mystery she is determined to unravel is intriguing. My only concern is the lack of information we learn about Naomi. I’m left with a lot of questions, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. In order to connect with Naomi even more, I would like to have learned more about the title character. However, questions add to the overall mystery of the story.

In terms of visuals, every panel is eye-catching. The colorful characters are brilliant and full of life. Some of the double page panels look stunning and vivacious, welcoming the reader to an entire community. With such an eclectic group of townsfolk, this small, boring town becomes more interesting than any metropolis.

If you dislike dialogue heavy stories, this may not be the comic for you. I, on the other hand, adore stories that rely on quick speech bubbles to move the plot along. No matter the conversation, or whose doing the talking, there is never a dull moment in NAOMI #1. I’m definitely intrigued to find out about Naomi’s backstory and how it connects to the Man of Steel.

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