NIGHTWING #51 is a solid issue. The outstanding artwork is a visual spectacle. The characters come to life, right off the page. Other than one or two plot holes, this comic has an intriguing story line that is worth reading.
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When there’s no Nightwing to be found, crime is skyrocketing in Bludhaven. Written by new Nightwing writers, Scott Lobdell, and Fabian Nicieza, Dick Grayson, now going by the name Ric Grayson, navigates his life after being shot in the head. Featuring the stunning artwork by Travis Moore and Garry Brown, the visuals bring the comic to life.

With the Scarecrow spreading fear among the citizens, who will step up to be the hero the city needs? Will there be a new vigilante in town? Check out NIGHTWING #51 to find out!

Nightwing No More

After the Nightwing hideout is burned down by Dick Grayson in NIGHTWING #50, his uniforms and weapons are left undamaged, which is pretty convenient. A detective finds all this gear, lamenting over the surge in crime and the lack of a hero. Now going by the name Ric Grayson, and renouncing the title of Nightwing, who can protect the city.

Can anyone reach out to him and bring the old Dick Grayson back? Perhaps Alfred Pennyworth can. The two meet at the bar and talk about the haunting nightmares Grayson is having. He’s been dreaming about being Nightwing and fighting alongside Batgirl and Robin. Instead of begging him to go back to the Bat family, he encourages him to find his destiny, on his own. Meanwhile, the Scarecrow is spreading fear throughout the city.

NIGHTWING #51 Page 1. Image Courtesy of DC Comics.
NIGHTWING #51 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Disguised as a shrink, he is advising a patient to embrace her fears. And the shadow of a scarecrow hanging over Dr.Crane’s head is utterly creepy. Later on in NIGHTWING #51, Ric Grayson is held at gunpoint by a mugger. With his crime-fighting instinct still intact, he takes down the robber, no problem. Maybe there is still a little bit of Nightwing left in him after all. In the dramatic epilogue of NIGHTWING #51, someone else is donning the Nightwing uniform. Is there a new Nightwing in town?

I won’t spoil who it is, but the real question is, can they actually fill Grayson’s shoes? We’ll have to wait and see.

Fantastic Artwork

The incredible art team of Travis Moore, Garry Brown, Hi-Fi & Nick Filardi have done it again with the amazing artwork in NIGHTWING #51. Each character looks so realistic, like a real-life snapshot.  Just look at the wrinkle features on Alfred’s face. And the gritty details of a grungy and dark city.

The use of shadows in this comic is truly something special. When Dick Grayson exits the bar with Alfred Pennyworth, that moment looks like a scene ripped out of a classic noir, with its moody shadows and grim color scheme. In the flashbacks and dream sequences, the images feature Nightwing in all his glory, with that iconic, electric blue and bright yellow. All in all, the outstanding visuals in NIGHTWING #51 make this issue a must read!

A Blank Slate For Grayson?

In NIGHTWING #51, Grayson struggling with his identity. Alfred said something really striking while talking about Grayson’s nightmares about his past. He said,

“I’ve heard that recurring nightmares mean our subconscious is trying to guide us through a traumatic event.”

NIGHTWING #51 Page 5. Image Courtesy of DC Comics.
NIGHTWING #51 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Plagued with superhero reflexes and haunting dreams, his past life is still present in his life.  The new Grayson is carving his own destiny. However, his mind and body are giving him clues to his true self. Will he be able to with constant reminders of his Nightwing days? It’s definitely interesting to watch a character like Dick Grayson reinvent themselves to find out who they truly are.

Grayson Is Coming Back To Life In NIGHTWING #51

NIGHTWING #51 is a fantastic issue. The artwork is unbelievably vivid. Hats off to the amazing team of artists behind this comic. As writers, Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza pick up right where Benjamin Percy left off seamlessly. I’ll admit, all of the Nightwing gear surviving the fire feels like a bit of a plot hole, and defeats the purpose of the fire in the first place.

Also, I’m not so sure about Nightwing’s “replacement” just yet. This may distract from Dick Grayson’s arc as a character. For now, I am remaining skeptical until someone convinces me that a new Nightwing is a good idea.

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