Now that we have more than just the teaser for DEADPOOL 2, we have a whole list of new characters that the movie is sending our way. One of the characters that have been catching a lot of eyes is Domino. It helps that he already looked super cool, and the trailer only cemented her as totally badass.

Domino is a pretty big name in the comics, especially in relation to Deadpool, Cable, and X-Force. It’s unlikely you have time to binge every comic with Domino since the 90s before May 18th; so, here’s a quick rundown of who she is.

Rough Start

Let’s face it — comic book characters don’t get to have happy childhoods. Neena, who would grow up to become the mercenary Domino, had a specifically nasty one. She was born as part of a government breeding program intended to create the perfect living weapon. Yeah, Marvel has a bit of a trend with that kind of thing.


Neena was the only test subject to survive the program. However, her powers — the ability to manipulate probability — were deemed useless when it came to using her as a weapon. Her birth mother rescues her from the facility but quickly drops her off at a church. It didn’t take long for Neena to escape the church and fall into the life of a mercenary. The comics never give us the full in-and-out of how she became a merc — but her powers definitely fit for it.


Neena would later fall in love with a doctor named Milo Thurman, marrying him. Domino’s “real name” in the comics is Neena Thurman — we never get to know her maiden name. A raid on Dr. Thurman’s facility by AIM (a collective of evil scientist dudes, essentially) separated the two of them.

Both Domino and Dr. Thurman think the other died in the attack, and live separate lives for a while. They reunite while Domino is part of X-Force, but Neena’s attempt to save Dr. Thurman causes him to die. Such is comics. Essentially, for someone with a “luck” based power, Domino has a habit of getting the short end of the stick.

Domino and Cable

Domino and Cable, notably, have had an on-and-off relationship. The two ended up together almost as soon as Neena had joined her first team, Six Pack of which Cable was the leader. In the comics, Cable formed X-Force and served as the leader. Domino was a member of that team as well, and their relationship continues to be a plot point.


Domino’s relationship with Cable has been taken advantage of multiple times. The biggest instance was when Domino was captured and replaced by Copycat for a considerable amount of time, solely to gain information from Cable. Domino is likely one of the few people who truly know Cable.

It’s interesting to see how their long-running romance will be handled if they’re on opposing sides in DEADPOOL 2. It seems that there might not be any romance at all for the time being — which I’m a fan of. While Domino and Cable are pretty interesting relationship-wise, it’d be nice to have a break from female characters being shoved into romances.

As A Character

Domino is a skillful mercenary. It helps that she has the ability to manipulate probability, but even that required honing her skills. Domino can easily go toe-to-toe against most mercenaries. She could likely hold her own against Deadpool. While Cable is seriously over-powered, she could probably walk away from a fight against him without too much damage, thanks to her power. Whether she would win is a bit debatable.

That isn’t to say I think Domino would lose, either — I think it’d be a pretty solid draw.

Another thing that holds her up as a character is her snark. She has a smart mouth and isn’t hesitant to call out the men she works with — especially since those men are usually Deadpool and Cable. Her quick wit shows through her silver tongue. It’s clear in the trailer that she hasn’t lost any of that in the movie.

Behind the bullets and one-liners, however, she’s also a character who can be surprisingly emotional. Her closeness with Cable in the comics leads to some surprisingly tender moments. Even with Deadpool, she has moments of kindness and vulnerability. Domino was a character that started very simple — her story had huge gaps, and she jumped around freely, not tied down by much.

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However, Domino has evolved as a character since. In the 90s, she really was all badass guns and snarky words, because the 90s wasn’t demanding a female character to be much more than that. Domino’s growth as a character is clear in the current comics. This movie is a chance to expand her character even further.

Domino in DEADPOOL 2

It feels like, based on the trailer, a lot of Domino’s origins may have changed. After all, the movie has already changed X-Force’s origins to have Deadpool, instead of Cable, as a leader. It’s unsure how much of Domino’s backstory will change — or, at the least, be saved for later.

It’s likely that they’ll keep Domino’s origin as a government experiment. Her status as part of that government program is the backstory to her powers, after all. I seriously doubt they’d pass up on powers as useful as hers in this movie. Still, it’s also possible they’ll change how she got them.

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I think there’ll be definite tweaks to the story of how she ran away from the church her mother abandoned her at and how she became a mercenary. That was something I already suspected, but her jab about how she should’ve finished college in the trailer cemented the idea for me. Something about Neena in these trailers feels like she grew up more stable, and it’s less of an abrupt transition to “suddenly she’s a mercenary” as it was in the comics.

The line might’ve stuck with me because of how pretty she looks in this shot, too, honestly.

And there is, of course, one major change that’s hard to ignore.

Zazie Beetz

The casting of Zazie Beetz as Domino is pretty big news. Notably because before, Neena was white. Literally the color of paper white. Domino’s ghostly skin color is never really explained in the comics, but it’s clear that she’s meant to be white regardless — straight hair, small pixie nose, and the kind of lips that makeup artists tell you that you need to overline…the works.

Zazie is actually German-American with dual citizenship, which is interesting…but unlikely to weigh in on Domino’s character.

Domino is, in DEADPOOL 2, undeniably a black woman. Outfitted with Domino’s signature over-the-eye paint in white instead of black, with a gorgeous afro that’s beautiful for windswept action scenes, Zazie seems perfectly ready to tackle this role. It’s also nice to see the creators of the Deadpool film series add some much-needed color to the world of Marvel.

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I hope that the movie stays conscious of its choice to cast a black woman. Domino being black could—and should—affect her backstory and her storyline. While it’s exciting to have representation in general, I always like to stress that representation is just the first step. A character can’t just be race-bent and keep the exact same storyline with no thought to how race affects people’s daily lives. I hope DEADPOOL 2 keeps this in mind with this step they’re taking.

The Film

There’s way more to consider when it comes to DEADPOOL 2, honestly. We’re getting an entire X-Force team, Domino, Cable, and (recently confirmed) Shatterstar. There’s going to be a ton going on in this movie, and I’m entirely ready for it to take me along for the ride. I’m excited about everything it’s tossing at us.

Even if the team name is “derivative.”

That said, I’m still most excited for Domino. I think that Marvel has a chance to give us a fresh take on her character, especially with the casting they’ve gone with. Zazie is already captivating in the trailer alone. It helps that I’m always excited to see another great lady from the comics get to have her time on the big screen. Marvel’s films have been adding more and more women to their roster lately, and I’m loving it.

DEADPOOL 2 is, no doubt, going to hit us with some stuff we’re not expecting. Honestly, with how jam-packed it seems, we might not get Domino’s backstory at all for the time being. However, this film seems to be opening up the way for plenty of other films centered on these characters, X-Force, and other related teams. I’m not worried about Domino getting her fair share of time on screen — I’m sure she’ll get it. Here’s hoping they do her justice.

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  1. crusader07

    May 21, 2018 at 7:01 am

    Stay true to form and respect it, please. Racebending a character doesn’t seem exciting to me. It’s politics infused into art, dictating what art needs to be like. I think it’s wrong. If you want black characters just create new ones.
    It. Doesnt. Look. Like. Domino. That’s it.


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