Despite its March 2019 release date, MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL is widely a topic of conversation among fans. This is primarily due to it being the first film in the MCU with a leading female role. Brie Larson will play Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel.

For those who don’t know, Kevin Feige has been referring to Ms. Marvel as one of the most influential characters in the MCU. In the comics, Carol Danvers worked at N.A.S.A., became editor of WOMAN Magazine, and then became a kickass superhero: a true feminist icon. Caught in an explosion with close friend/lover Mar-Vell, Danvers merged DNA with him and ultimately received his powers and Kree invulnerability.

Strong, and smart!

While it is no contest that the MCU has outdone the DCEU in the box office, WONDER WOMAN certainly sets the bar for MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL. When prompted on the matter, Kevin Feige only had praise for WONDER WOMAN. He said the film would be, “a very different type of movie.” Marvel hopes to enter production of CAPTAIN MARVEL this upcoming February.

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A Word On Brie Larson

Brie Larson reading Captain Marvel, Courtesy of Twitter

I have yet to see many Brie Larson films, including ROOM. However, I’m aware that Larson won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and multiple other awards for ROOM. I’ve mostly only seen her play teenagers (21 JUMP STREET, THE SPECTACULAR NOW) and side characters (TRAINWRECK) in movies that were either comedies or low-level dramas.

That being said, I asked friends who have seen her films for their opinion on her being cast as Ms. Marvel. They seemed to think she’d give it 100%. One of them even said she, “wouldn’t be surprised if [Larson] was at the gym right now,” preparing for the role.

But in the past couple of weeks, Larson has been under the knife for her work in BASMATI BLUES. This could have ramifications on the actress if not handled swiftly. The rom-com musical, filmed in 2013, only recently secured funding for release.

In a trailer that has since been removed, BASMATI BLUES is said to perpetuate Indian stereotypes and falsely represent the culture. Additionally, Larson portrays a ‘white savior’ to those Indians, as one viewer puts it. It will be interesting to see if this affects Larson as she dives into her lead role in MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL.

The Other Women

Many actresses have expressed interest in playing Carol Danvers. Among them was Ronda Rousey, who back in 2015 shared fan art to Instagram of her in the costume. Feige commented on this, saying that it is, “fun,” and that it speaks to the strength of Carol Danvers’ character.

Other recognizable names who said they were excited about fan speculation were Olivia Wilde and Yvonne Strahovski. Not to mention, Jennifer Lawrence was asked if she’d like to play in the “Marvel sandbox,” with Chris Pratt and Bradley Cooper. Referring to her former co-stars, she responded, “I’d love to play in a sandbox with those two!”

The 90s Era

We are still awaiting an official trailer from Marvel, but some story details have been released. The film goes back to the 90s. Carol Danvers helps Nick Fury (played by Samuel Jackson) defend earth from an alien invasion by the Skrulls. Depending on what year precisely the movie will take place, we can refer back to some of the crucial events of the 90s in the MCU so far:

  • ’91 – The Starks are assassinated by the Winter Soldier
  • ’95 – Matt Murdock (Daredevil) becomes orphaned
  • ’98 – Black Widow starts working for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • ’99 – Tony Stark stands up scientist Aldrich Killian at a party
Black Widow and Captain America team up in Winter Soldier

Oh, and Captain America is still frozen. So unless Stark donates some fancy merchandise (unlikely) or they decide to bring in a young Daredevil from the Netflix series (very unlikely), the only team up we’ll possibly see is with Black Widow. A young Peter Quill might be off doing something space-like with Yondu at this point, but again, that’d be a strange cameo.

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Why the 90s Works

I think this time period lends itself well to the storyline of MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL. It allows Carol Danvers to function as a superhero on her own. In present-day movies, fans are finding it harder and harder not to say,

“Hey! Where’s Iron Man? What is Thor doing right now? Why aren’t they helping?”

Jude Law has officially been cast to play Mar-Vell, who will act as a mentor and friend to Carol Danvers as she learns to control her powers. In the comics, Walter Lawson dies of cancer.

Maybe he will fill a similar role to WONDER WOMAN’S love interest, Steve Trevor, in that he teaches her some lessons before becoming a memory. We have seen the gender reverse before in the MCU (a.k.a., Peggy Carter to Captain America), so it will be a nice change of pace.

The Screenplay for MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL

Finally, to weigh in on the screenplay, the Phase Three film gives writing credits to Geneva Robertson-Dworet. Screenplay credits are additionally given to two other women, Meg LeFauve (INSIDE OUT) and Nicole Perlman (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY), who wrote earlier drafts. Robertson-Dworet, writer of the Tomb Raider reboot, doesn’t have many writing credits. Why trust her with the latest draft of MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL script? Is she up-and-coming? We’ll find out soon.

Ending on a side note, I just finished a book titled, “I’ll Have What She’s Having.” In it, author Erin Carlson explores three different Nora Ephron screenplays and also mentions a familiar name: Kevin Feige. Before he became president at Marvel Studios, Feige was assistant to Lauren Shuler Donner, the producer on Ephron’s YOU’VE GOT MAIL. From what I read, Ephron seemed to embody the set of each movie she worked on, ensuring that she got exactly what she wanted. Ephron made the women in her films their own hero instead of having them answer to their callers.

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To Sum Everything Up…

Kevin Feige and Brie Larson

…I firmly believe that being exposed to a set like Ephron’s gives Feige the upper hand in succeeding when he says that the female-led CAPTAIN MARVEL will be different from other movies. We’re talking about the same guy who pulled on Adam McKay (notorious Will Ferrell writer) to write for Ant-Man, assumingly because he’s a wildly hilarious talent who knows how to write for Paul Rudd.

Feige has put together an excellent ensemble for MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL. The lead is a combination funny-and-dramatic actress, which is undoubtedly a must in the MCU. The veteran writers have a combined background in past Marvel films and comedy. And co-directors Anne Boden and Ryan Fleck have documented chemistry (HALF NELSON, SUGAR). I’m looking forward to MCU’s CAPTAIN MARVEL in March 2019.

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