ComicsVerse Webcomics Submission Guidelines

ComicsVerse is looking for talented writers and artists to create a series of original webcomics for ComicsVerse. The webcomics will be used to promote  the company, the writer and artist, and the art form online and at national comic book conventions such as NYCC, C2E2, and SDCC. If you are interested in the opportunity to work on an original webcomic with a talented group of people , please read the submission guidelines outlined below. Thank you very much.

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DEADLINE for completed scripts and/or artist portfolios is May 18th, 2016 by 23:59 EST.




  • Please submit portfolios (website URL or individual samples of your artwork) to submission form.
  • If any of the works in our portfolio were collaborations with other artists, please be sure to indicate in the form which pieces were collaborations and what part(s) of the artwork you contributed.
  • Please include a WORD (.doc or .docx) file titled “LAST NAME FIRST NAME Availability” that provides a brief description of the level of commitment (hours/week and number of panels) you can realistically and honestly commit to. This will help the editor in deciding writer-artist pairings.



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  • All genres accepted.
  • Each webcomic will be approximately 3-12 panels unless otherwise determined by head editor and artist. Webcomic can exceed 12 panel maximum if the editor feels that the story would benefit by expanding the story and if the artist gives his/her/their complete consent. This can be discussed in consultation with the creative team if and after your script is selected.
  • COMPLETE SCRIPTS should include the following:
    • Complete story outlined with dialogue
    • Full panel breakdowns (written or rough thumbnail sketches)
    • Detailed description of proposed themes, motifs, and symbolisms
    • Two (2) to three (3) reference images that will serve as concept art for the style and tone for the webcomic
  • Script (story, panel breakdown (written), and description of themes) should be sent as a WORD document (.doc, .docx) and the file should be named in the following format: LASTNAME FIRSTNAME  TITLE.doc
  • Reference images and panel breakdown (thumbnails) should be sent as JPG/JPEG/PNG/PDF/WORD file
  • You can submit as many complete scripts as you want, but please combine all into one submission form.
  • If your script is selected, writers will be able to browse portfolios of selected artists and choose up to three artists they would like to work with. Artist pairing is not guaranteed and is based on availability, demand, editor discretion, and input from artists on which scripts they would like to work on.  Final pairing of writer and artist will be selected by editor.



**Please be aware that you will not be financially compensated for your work on the webcomic(s). Writers and artists may use their webcomic for portfolio purposes and may print small runs (~20 issues per run) of their webcomic to distribute for free to whomever they chose. Webcomics will be owned by ComicsVerse. ComicsVerse retains the right to promote, distribute, and sell the webcomic on any of our multimedia platforms and at any future events ComicsVerse exhibits at. Any revenue generated from the direct sale of the webcomic will be split between the creative team (writer, artist, editor) and ComicsVerse.**

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