At Wizard World Philadelphia this year I had the pleasure of chatting with illustrator Matthew Meyer. He took the time to talk to me about his interest in Japanese folklore, how he developed his style, the challenges of translating, and his experience living abroad. He was a nice, easy-going guy who was happy to share his knowledge with us. I enjoyed getting to hear his perspective on creating art and self-publishing outside of the comix industry.

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Meyer’s work caught my eye as I wandered Artist’s Alley, in no small part because of his unique concentration on the subject of Japanese yokai; I was immediately curious. Meyer has become somewhat of an expert on the fabled monsters since he first visited Japan during his college years, and has spent the past decade studying the myths. Not only does he research and illustrate each monster, he also translates their legends into English. His work has been collected into two books—THE NIGHT PARADE OF ONE HUNDRED DEMONS and THE HOUR OF MEETING EVIL SPIRITS—and is featured on his site.

Matthew Meyer is making interesting, educational art that is definitely worth a look. If you’re interested at all in horror, folklore, or Japanese culture, you should definitely check him out. Currently, he’s working on a Patreon Project to create a third book. You can keep up with his progress on Twitter.

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