Video games. There sure are a lot of them, huh? Since the dawn of video games, there have been debates over what game is the best. Is it a ZELDA game? Is it HALF LIFE? No! I honestly cannot believe how many people look past some of the greatest games out there. None of these games are small, either — most games on this list are more popular than MARIO can ever dream of being. Well, are you excited? Then let’s get started!

BOOK — History’s Oldest RPG:

I consider myself a big role-playing game fan. I love games from the ELDER SCROLLS series to FINAL FANTASY, PERSONA, and so on. BOOK, however, predates all of these by a long shot.

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The first game in the BOOK series, labeled CLAY TABLET, dates back to Mesopotamia. The learning curve for this game is pretty tough admittedly, considering the player has to learn the whole in-game language just to play. Despite this, the BOOK franchise has only improved with time.

One of the biggest improvements to the series was the implementation of the game engine labeled “The Printing Press.” This allowed the series to flourish — now practically everybody has a BOOK game!

april fools game book
A screenshot of the BOOK series’ immersive gameplay.

My one major gripe with the BOOK games is that the player has no real input; the games play out fairly linearly. Usually, JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games) allow for more player input. Sadly, this does not carry over to BOOK, as the Japanese spinoff series, MANGA, follows the same linear formula.

Gaming Accessories — Enhance the Way You Play:

Before we delve any further into this list, I’d like to list two accessories that truly improve my experience with every game that I play. The first peripheral is something I adopted later in life, though it is something I wish I had from the beginning.

GLASSES — The Best Graphics Enhancement on the Market:

The “Glass Lens Artificial Symbol Stabilizing Exo System,” or GLASSES for short, are the best gaming peripheral on the market. GLASSES demonstrably improve any game’s graphics, much more so than the likes of an NVIDIA graphics card. In order to obtain GLASSES, one must visit a niche gaming store, called an optometrist, that fine-tunes a pair to the customer’s each and every need.

GLASSES go far beyond improving in-game graphics. Upon wearing a pair for the first time, I was shocked at how much the real-life graphics had improved — I am now able to read at a distance! The additions to non-gaming sight must be an added bonus to purchasing GLASSES. Who knew?

The best part about GLASSES is the number of cosmetic options. Currently, I sport the DURAND model of GLASSES, manufactured by video game mogul WARBY PARKER. This pair’s sleek frame allows for great graphics without weighing down my head in the slightest. Some special GLASSES even lower the game’s brightness — I think they are called SUNGLASSES.

April fools game glasses
The DURAND, my current model of GLASSES.

CLOCK — The Leading Method to Tackle Time-Based Events:

CLOCK, the “Chronal Length Observation Circular Kontraption,” is, first of all, a terrible name, but is otherwise a very handy gaming accessory (pun absolutely intended). Countless times while growing up, my mom told me things like, “Spence, you can only play for fifteen more minutes!” Needless to say, I never stuck to these rules — though this is not because I was a disobedient child. The problem with games is that most of them do not include an in-game way to tell the time! This is where CLOCKs come in.

april fools game clock
A sample CLOCK in action.

The CLOCK was first invented in a historic collaboration between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Gamers are actually able to keep track of time using CLOCKs by simply following the hands as they rotate around the device’s circular face. Now I can efficiently play for a strict time limit, or even time myself while speed running a game. CLOCKs are very useful for gamers, but who knows? The device shows great potential; it may eventually gain widespread use among gamers and non-gamers alike.

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There are countless other gaming accessories I could write about, such as the “Comfortable, Heavenly, Adjustable, Inclined Recliner,” or the, “Design-Efficient Seating Kit,” but that’s enough for now. Let’s get back to looking at some games!

The CLOTHES Franchise — The Pinnacle of Character Customization:

The CLOTHES franchise of games is certainly a controversial one. Some people buy all of the offshoot series, such as the many SHIRT, SHOE, and PANTS games, but others opt not to buy the games due to the lack of gameplay. CLOTHES games certainly make up for the lack of gameplay with the sheer amount of creative options given to the player.

As stated in the heading, the CLOTHES games allow for customization that blows any other game out of the water. The aforementioned GLASSES were originally designed as a CLOTHES spinoff but were later changed to enhance the gameplay experience. Like GLASSES, there are countless versions available for each of the many CLOTHES games. For instance, I currently particularly enjoy playing SHOE: CHELSEA BOOT EDITION and COAT: BOMBER JACKET EDITION.

April fools game clothes
One gamer’s extensive collection of CLOTHES games.

All CLOTHES games have a real-life, out of game bonus. One game, called PAJAMAS, allows the owner to fall asleep more comfortably. BATHING SUIT grants improved swimming capabilities. Some CLOTHES games even allow one to partake in live-action video games – I think they’re called sports, or something.

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Now then, let’s move on to the last game of this list. It’s one of my favorites!

EGG — The Most Versatile Natural Game on the Market:

Naturally, occurring video games are rare in today’s day and age, considering all of the technology we have access to. All of the FOOD games are completely natural, and among these, EGG stands at the top. Look, the game even has a high score on Metacritic!

april fools game egg
EGG’s glowing praise on Metacritic.

As the summary above states, EGG is a truly versatile video game. This one simple game comes packed with so many styles of gameplay, as well as nutrients. “Scrambled,” is considered to be the game’s easy mode, while “Poached” and “Deviled” represent harder difficulties. My favorite game in the EGG series is definitely OMELET – it came to fruition when the developers of CHEESE experimented with the EGG development kit.

That’s All, Folks!

Video games extend far past the household names of Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo. As you can see, many other massive gaming corporations exist, and they all predate the big three.

There are countless other games like these, like CAT, the hyperrealistic virtual pet simulator, but this is all the time we have for today. I hope that you walk away from this article feeling like you have at least one new game to play.

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Lastly, we at ComicsVerse would like to wish you a happy April Fool’s Day. Enjoy!

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