Harlem’s hero has returned with nobody holding him down. Marvel’s LUKE CAGE was last seen teaming up with the likes of Daredevil, Iron Fist and Jessica Jones in The Defenders. Now the black superhero is back on his turf in the second season of his solo series. After seeing the first episode of the second season, it just proves that LUKE CAGE gets more material given on his own.

Marvel's LUKE CAGE
Mike Colter in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE Picks Up Where It Left Off

In the opening scenes of the episode, we find Luke Cage continuing to clean the streets of Harlem. We also find that LUKE CAGE has become more of a famous figure to the public eye, so it gets almost worrisome. His fame has helped businesses thrive by selling merchandise with Luke’s name all over it and even an app to know his whereabouts. As you can see, Luke can no longer hide in the shadows with him constantly in the spotlight. It seems that Harlem’s own superhero is having trouble not just with criminals, but also with his famous persona.

Everything We Know About Luke Cage Season Two

Other than Luke, some of our other characters are facing some changes of their own. Detective Misty Knight returns to duty after losing her arm facing The Hand in The Defenders. It’s easier said than done for Misty as everyone in the department isn’t sure if she should’ve come back in the force.

Meanwhile, Mariah Dillard is looking to get her grasp on Harlem by running her cousin’s criminal empire. Her presence in the underworld has already gained notice from other New York gangsters. One of those criminals, a Jamaican gangster named Bushmaster, is looking to take Harlem for himself. All these developments tease what kind of trouble LUKE CAGE will face as the season unfolds.

Marvel's LUKE CAGE
Mustafa Shakir in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE Has Met His Match

Pulling out of LUKE CAGE’s comic book history comes one of his most powerful adversaries, Bushmaster. Played by the compelling Mustafa Shakir, the actor does a fine job bringing this character to life. Having Bushmaster as part of the second season brings in a new flavor for the series. We get to experience a culture clash like in Black Panther but with the villain being more of an outsider than having familial ties.

With him being able to withstand bullets like Luke Cage, it will pose a challenge for our indestructible hero. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a challenge Bushmaster poses for Luke Cage. So far, Shakir is already making the rounds as one of the MCU’s most appealing villains.

Marvel's LUKE CAGE
Alfre Woodard in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE Still Has Mariah To Deal With

Even with a new villain in town, Mariah Dillard still poses a threat to LUKE CAGE. He knows that Mariah has Harlem’s best interests at heart but only to satisfy her needs. For Luke, getting rid of Mariah would be wrong but will do whatever it takes to stop her criminal enterprise from ruling Harlem’s streets.

For Mariah to rebuild her political career, she would have to reconnect with her daughter Tilda Johnson. Alfre Woodard continues to bring on an amazing performance as this strong yet flawed female character. We got to see Mariah’s rise to power in season one, so to see how she rebuilds herself in her professional and personal life will be fascinating to witness in season two.

Marvel's LUKE CAGE
Reg E. Cathey in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Marvel’s LUKE CAGE Has More Family Drama

We got to deal with Luke’s half-brother Diamondback in the first season. In the first season, we learned that LUKE CAGE had a complicated relationship with his father. The late Reg E. Cathey joins the cast as Luke’s estranged father James, a pastor from Georgia. Known for his work on The Wire and Oz, it’ll be great to see a seasoned actor in one of his final roles on TV. Luke still has some emotional baggage to carry as he comes to terms with his father. It’s good to know that there’s more to learn about LUKE CAGE’s background, which we get to explore as the season progresses. 

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Mike Colter Continues To Thrive in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Mike Colter perfectly embodies the character of LUKE CAGE and continues to do so in the new season. Luke represents the shining beacon of hope in Harlem and tries to inspire others to help the community. As Luke’s anger keeps growing with these new threats coming to Harlem, we hardly recognize who he is. It’s one of the characteristics that makes LUKE CAGE stand out as a great Marvel character. Colter just manages to find ways to make LUKE CAGE a compelling character to watch.

Marvel's LUKE CAGE
Rosario Dawson and Mike Colter in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Some Characters Feel Overshadowed In Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

Entering the first episode of season two, there were some characters that just don’t have much of a place on the show. Theo Rossi’s role as Shade doesn’t come off as a threatening character and more of a sidekick to Mariah. Shade is more of an exaggeration of himself and makes us wonder what use is he in the series.

We do see him form some kind of relationship with Mariah but that’s the only thing going for him. Even Claire Temple doesn’t have much of a role this time around. Throughout the Netflix shows, Claire served as a moral compass for Luke, Matt, and Danny. She can’t stop Luke from giving in to his anger and because of that, there’s little for her to do.

Marvel's LUKE CAGE
Gabrielle Dennis and Mustafa Shakir in Marvel’s LUKE CAGE

There’s More In Store For Marvel’s LUKE CAGE This Season

After seeing the season premiere, there’s a lot to look forward to for season two of LUKE CAGE. With a new threat in the form of Bushmaster, Luke will be pretty busy protecting Harlem. With some amazing performances by Mustafa and Alfre, the show continues to pull off some great acts.

The action has also improved since the first season as we see more of what Luke can do. Even the music feels fresh and still represents the sound of Harlem. With some nice references to the comics, LUKE CAGE is only getting better and better.

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