Marvel Legacy #1

Ah, summer. A time of water balloon fights, going to the beach or sitting out by a campfire making smores. Of course, those are lame things people do when they don’t have comics to read. Fortunately, Marvel’s got you covered with exciting events throughout these warm, sunny months! So strap in, folks, get excited for these series coming to a comics shop near you! Marvel’s big summer blowout is about to begin!

GENERATIONS of Superheroes for Marvel’s Big Summer Blowout

The only thing better than one Ms. Marvel is two Ms. Marvels. This exciting scene will be available with the GENERATIONS series starting in August. GENERATIONS brings together the most popular heroes in Marvel’s line-up. Heroes like Miles Morales will stand with Peter Parker, showing how much the Marvel Universe has changed, yet how much has stayed the same.

Marvel's Big Summer Blowout
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

These adventures begin with the Vanishing Point, offering the heroes a choice to remain in a place where time has no meaning or continue forward, striving to change and perfect the world. The future of the Marvel Universe rides upon the shoulders of these 20 individuals, threatening to alter their realities in a dramatic fashion. GENERATIONS is a must-read for those wanting to drive right into the LEGACY series, showing how tied the past and present truly are for the future.

Discover the Legacy of the Marvel Universe with MARVEL LEGACY #1

In the beginning, there was nothing. The Marvel universe was merely an idea, a passing thought in the creative minds of the writers and artists. Then, suddenly, the groundbreaking publishing company entered upon the comic books scene sweeping the nation. These stories have lasted generations, inspiring people for years with fantastic and heroic tales. Yet as time wore on, the webs between the various heroes became more and more intertwined. Heroes of Asgard were somehow known by those on earth, and those on earth were well regarded in the deep recesses of space. The continuity became muddled. MARVEL LEGACY attempts to solve all the questions dedicated readers have on the interconnectivity of these stories.

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Written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Esad Ribic, MARVEL LEGACY #1 packs intrigue, adventure, and fun into this 50-page epic. Uniting the entirety of Marvel’s superheroes, MARVEL LEGACY #1 hits shelves in September. The perfect cure for the pre-school blues. One last hurrah before the summer comes to a close.

Miles Morales’ Clone? Find Out in Spider-Men II #1

Marvel's Big Summer Blowout
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

After the meeting between Peter Parker and Miles Morales ended, readers were left with the question: who is Miles Morales of the Marvel Universe? Finally, Marvel tips it’s hand and reveals to us who the other Miles Morales is. Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli start to unravel this mystery with their upcoming issue: SPIDER-MEN II. These issues will hit stores this July. Keep your spidey-senses tuned up for this event!


What do Nikola Tesla and Carl Sagan have in common? Their love for science! Venture into the advanced world of THE PROX TRANSMISSIONS, inspired heavily by the works of these two revered scientists. This is a world takes the social, political, and philosophical advancements of the near-future adding an adventure never-before-seen in the Marvel universe with work by Dustin Bates and written by Peter David.

Marvel's Big Summer Blowout
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

A mysterious transmission reaches the ear of astronomer Dr. Stephen Browning. Upon receiving this message, Browning’s world begins to change drastically as he attempts to discover it’s true meaning. With the help of Ashton Wise, they venture off into the great unknown to discover what is truly going on in the universe, and their role in the larger conspiracy. For the more they learn, the more they realize they are the only ones who possibly can save humanity against disastrous forces.


Marvel's Big Summer Blowout
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Desperate for more STAR WARS before the new movie arrives? Want to how greatest stormtrooper ever to exist escaped the destruction of the Starkiller Base? Discover how Captain Phasma evaded the Resistance as Kelly Tompson, and artist Marco Checchetto brings fans JOURNEY TO STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI- CAPTAIN PHASMA. Following the tale of Captain Phasma after the end of the 7th movie, this four-part miniseries is a force to reckon with.

ICEMAN #1: The Coolest X-Men

For those of you who haven’t heard, ICEMAN is coming back strong with a whole new series of comics. Written by Sina Grace with art by Alessandro Vitti, the series follows the return of Bobby Drake’s teenage self. This sudden appearance forces Drake to confront the kind of man he’s become and asks the past version if he wishes to become that in the future.

Marvel's Big Summer Blowout
Courtesy of Marvel Comics

What’s fascinating in this issue is we get to see present Iceman interact with his parents. They seem aware that he’s a hero with his powers yet cannot accept him fully for who he is. This parallels Iceman’s difficulty with managing his own sexuality. For example, he eagerly fills out a dating profile while he attempts to please his parents, who appear incapable of accepting his mutant side let alone his sexuality. That inner turmoil of what things turned out and how his younger self is able to find happiness in his reality is such a great conflict to have. I’m excited to see where Grace and Vitti take this.

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Marvel’s putting out or has put all of these series out for the summer! Plenty of exciting adventures await within the pages of these comics. Perfect for some casual summer fun.


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