As Marvel Legacy swiftly approaches, Marvel made sure to pack the coming weeks with a slew of exciting new releases! Whether you’re anticipating the upcoming event, or you’re in it for your other favorites, this week has something for every fan. Here’s what we’re looking forward to most for the week of September 20th!


After the Phoenix Force began contacting a time-displaced Jean Grey, our titular hero decided to take matters into her own hands and find a way to overcome the malicious entity. After allying herself with Namor the Sub-Mariner and Thor, Jean engaged in an eccentric ceremony at the hand of the sorcerer Doctor Strange. This seance ultimately allowed Jean Grey to come face-to-face with various versions of herself including the embodiment of the Phoenix Force itself. At the conclusion of JEAN GREY #6, Jean found herself face to face with a deceased version of herself that claimed to be on her side in Jean’s battle against her future.

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JEAN GREY #7 kicks off right where the last installment of the series left off. Our X-Men leader is finding it quite difficult to live with her own voice in her head, leading to an interesting public confrontation featured in the preview below. The JEAN GREY series thus far has been an innovative take on such a legendary character. It has emphasized the vibrancy and quirkiness of Jean Grey that may be unfamiliar to audiences, and it seems as though JEAN GREY #7 will continue this trend. Check out what’s in store for our favorite telekinetic in this exclusive preview!

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With Netflix’s THE DEFENDERS, as well as his own season two on the horizon, Luke Cage is becoming a household name again. His solo comic, LUKE CAGE, written by the brilliant David Walker, expands on his story. Luke finds himself in New Orleans rather than New York this time around, looking into the presumed death of Noah Burstein, the man who gave him his powers years ago. But before he can blink, Luke discovers a conspiracy involving Burstein himself, as well as other superhumans just like him. LUKE CAGE #5 goes deeper into the deadly history while showing that Luke is still the calm and collected hero he’s known to be.

This installment has Luke facing off against fellow superhuman Kevin Larsen. Rather than fight with fists, however, Luke uses his head to mediate the situation. With both having a similar upbringing and a tendency to stray from violence, it’s a moment of needed peace and thought. LUKE CAGE #5 reminds you that he’s a man of the people with rationality, something seen across all forms of media. But with trouble arriving in the form of Cyril Morgan and his shady dealings, peace can only last so long. It seems like David Walker will have another hit with LUKE CAGE #5, so be sure to pick it up, and even the rest of the series while you’re at it, this Wednesday.

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It’s crazy to think that we are in our third year of Marvel STAR WARS comics. Yet here we are with STAR WARS ANNUAL #3, a book by SPIDER-GWEN writer, Jason Latour. In this comic, we get classic Han and Leia as they look for a potential location for a new Rebel base. They arrive on the remote planet of Odona but soon find themselves lost in caves while an ice storm brews. Unbeknownst to them, it appears that a group of pirates look to hunt down our two heroes while they are exposed!

I squeal with delight whenever I see classic Han and Leia bickering and falling in love with each other in these books. In the films, we only had EMPIRE STRIKES BACK to witness their romance bud. Now we have comics like this where the two share adventures while flirting and arguing. The dialogue and action here perfectly represent both their characters. Leia is always strategic, level-headed, and ready to pounce on Han once he does something moronic. Han is a shoot first, think later type of guy with his classic sarcastic sense of humor. The pairing is simply irresistible as it is so much fun to read about these two fighting space monsters and riding in the Millennium Falcon. Jason Latour captures this beautiful relation in STAR WARS in this exciting new annual, which you should totally check out this Wednesday!



X-MEN GOLD has been arguably one of the strongest reboots in Marvel’s history. With its back to basics formula, the series has placed some of the greatest X-Men characters back into the spotlight. This includes the villains, as the team has only just defeated iconic, serial killing mutant Omega Red in the latest story arc. With the US Government seeking to deport mutants from the United States and the shadows of SECRET EMPIRE still hanging over our heroes’ heads, what would be their next course of action? Luckily, this preview shows that X-MEN GOLD #12 seems to be backtracking to one of these forgotten storylines. After defeating the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in early issues, the X-Men captured a green, scaly being that turned out not to be a mutant at all. During SECRET EMPIRE, that creature was set free and hasn’t been heard from since.

As X-MEN GOLD #12 opens, we glimpse the early days of this alien, known as Kologoth. From what we can glean, Kologoth was born on an alien world called Dartayus. Kologoth was born wholly separate from his people due to a mutant strand of DNA, a green-skinned reptilian creature amongst blue-skinned humanoids. His parents named him Kelteth, meaning “Get Rid of It,” and set him free in the Dartayan wilds. Kelteth killed any of his people that entered these woods, except one man named Augor. This man took him in and gave him the name Kologoth. While we don’t see anything else in this preview, the newfound characterization of the former villain seems to reflect what has made X-MEN GOLD great from the start!

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