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Welcome to ComicsVerse’s Top 5, where we at ComicsVerse list our top 5 on any interesting subject. I’m Andrew. Marvel’s Netflix series is better than ever lately, and with the release of both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones season 2 respectively we’ve gotten some solid entries. I hope you’re all caught up because we’ve got some spoilers don’t worry I’ll warn you beforehand. Today, I’m here to talk about the TOP 5 Marvel CHARACTERS WHO SHOULD BE ON TV. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to our channel and check out for more Top 5 videos and other great content.

First: Barracuda

With the second season of The Punisher coming to Netflix in early 2019 it’s time to start speculating about the villains. We already have confirmation that Billy Russo will be back, most likely as the villain Jigsaw. One of the biggest hopes I have for the second series will be the introduction of punisher villain Barracuda. A basic mountain of a man Barracuda pushes Frank to his limits, he not only survives a shark attack and being shot point blank in the head, he returns to menace frank again near the end of PUNISHER MAX where Frank finally puts him down for good

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Second: Moon Knight

I feel like this one is a common request but Moon Knight just screams Marvel Netflix. Wouldn’t Netflix want to try and do Batman better than DC? Depending on what origin you use he’s either a mortal avatar of the Egyptian God Konshu or a troubled man with delusions and there’s plenty of room for trippy visuals with the latter. You could use either his more common caped persona or his more recent Mr. Knight persona, with the all-white tux and mask, which IMO looks way cooler.

Third: Orson Randall

SPOILERS INCOMING FOR LUKE CAGE SEASON 2 After Danny’s quick appearance in episode 10 of LUKE CAGE season 2, Danny went through much of a reinvention. Gone was the self-serious whiny brat from Iron Fist season 1 and The Defenders, instead we got a much more natural Danny and less forced, more natural charisma. HOWEVER! If you’re still not satisfied I put forth a contender. Orson Randall was the Iron Fist before Danny and he was way more awesome. He channeled his Ki into Gun’s which fired the “Lighting from God” to fight crime. While comics version fought in WWI, I’m sure Netflix could find a way to insert him into the modern day. KI BULLETS DAMNIT.

Next: Bullseye

At this point, there’s an excellent chance we’re already getting Bullseye in Daredevil season 3 as photo leaks have seemingly confirmed the presence of a bullseye logo around the set, could be nothing, could be something. Given that we haven’t seen Daredevil’s archnemesis show up yet is a crime. Bullseye’s comics costume wouldn’t exactly translate well to the small screen, but given they’ve managed to reinvent Bushmaster for Luke Cage season 2, I think we’re in good hands.

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Aaand Lastly: Taskmaster

I’m gonna be honest, I pretty much just made this list so I could include taskmaster. Taskmaster has one of my favorite powersets for a Marvel villain. Any (non-superhuman) feat he sees he can instantly replicate including fighting styles. This makes him a prime villain for an inevitable Defenders season 2.

Plus, we won’t have to deal with the Hand anymore, and that’s always a plus. Hypothetically, say a new mercenary group is in town and we find out the boss is Taskmaster, he’s watched all of the Avengers, all of the defenders and he’s teaching his goons how to fight like them. That’s an entire season of cool ass fight scenes, and as Marvel always says “It’s all connected!” right…guys? Guys…? Hell

That was comicsverse Top 5 Marvel Characters who should be on TV. What did you think of the list? Are there any more characters you want to include in the list? Don’t forget to sound off in the comments. I’ve been your host with the most, Andrew, I’ll see you next time on COMICSVERSE.

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