There appears to be massive confusion after an interview with SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING executive producer, Amy Pascal. Pascal revealed that the Tom Hardy lead VENOM film is to be a part of the MCU. While the initial news was exciting, it took on a new light as the video of the announcement made the rounds online.

Now, fans are diluting their confusion on the topic with memes of Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, and his reaction to Pascal’s statements. Cue the “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend” and the monochrome, slow zoom in.


VENOM is Canon in the MCU…Possibly.

The video interview with FilmStarts, Kevin Feige, and Amy Pascal took an almost comedic turn as Pascal began speaking on VENOM. She spoke about SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING in relation to next year’s VENOM, stating,

“They may be different locations, but it will all still be in the same world; and, they will all be connected as well.”

While this may seem like huge news for comics fans, Kevin Feige did not appear to be too fond of that announcement. Feige, who was right next to Pascal, gave some genuinely confused and surprised faces as Pascal went on to the films connected universes.

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Does Feige’s reaction mean Pascal’s statements are false? Was Pascal misinformed, or does it simply mean that she spilled the beans too soon?

Marvel, SDCC

Marvel at SDCC 2017 & D-23

The news of the films sharing a universe, meaning that VENOM would be canon in the MCU, is something that Kevin Feige would undoubtedly never release in an interview with a small movie news website. An announcement like this may have been meant for Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 or Disney’s expo, D-23.

These big events are where big things, concerning comic books and comic book properties, are announced and showcased for the mass. In some cases, the exclusive footage is shown to only those in attendance. It seems fitting for news this big to be debuted at a massive fan event such as this.

Which could be why Feige reacted the way he did during the interview. It is possible that Pascal was correct, but not informed enough to keep that information a secret.

Is It All A Bunch Of Misinformation?

The worst case scenario of this situation would be if Pascal were totally misinformed. If her statement turns out to be false, this could lead to huge confusion for fans going forward. Marvel Studios would have to do a huge retraction on the statement to keep fans from becoming confused at continuity.

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Having to retract something directly from a producer’s mouth is one thing. Having to retract a statement made in the presence of the President of the studio is another beast entirely. Fans would look at Feige’s silence as an indicator that the statement could be true, even if they deny it. It could potentially lead to more problems with the fans, which is not something Marvel wants.

Kevin Feige had previously stated,

“No plans to include [VENOM] in the MCU right now. That is Sony’s project.”

It appears that there is an obvious lack of communication somewhere between the two. Whether it was on keeping the plans a secret or that they just were not happening remains to be shown.

All we can go on for now is the information we have most recently received, which is VENOM is in the MCU.

What Does it Matter to You?

If this turns out to be true, this opens a whole new door for Marvel Studios.

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Partnering with Sony to both make films with Marvel characters at the same time is unheard of. It could potentially mean a lot more Marvel movies happening more often. It also allows Marvel to use characters previously owned by Sony, and vice versa. A Marvel/Sony team up like this could also lay the groundwork for another partnership with 20th Century Fox.


Fox, who owns the X-Men and Fantastic Four, have been reluctant to work with Marvel Studios. Their first team effort is in the upcoming X-Men TV Series, GIFTED. But if Sony can work with Marvel Studios on this level, Fox could as well. This could potentially mean that we could eventually see the X-Men in the MCU.

The statements made by Amy Pascal are huge, but only time will tell if they’re true. This kind of a team up has the potential to change a lot for Marvel, and superhero films as a whole.

For now, it seems like we will have to wait until next month at SDCC 2017 to get any real answers.

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