It’s time for New York Comic Con, which means that Marvel is unveiling many of its future comic titles. On October, 4th, Marvel announced two solo mutant series with ROGUE & GAMBIT alongside LEGION coming to stores sometime in January. This is part of a slew of announcements that Marvel has made and continues to make since the launch of Marvel Legacy.

Even before Marvel Legacy, Marvel reintroduced more solo mutant titles in books like JEAN GREY and ICEMAN with ResurrXion. It’s very exciting that Marvel has decided on ROGUE & GAMBIT and LEGION as their next installments.


Rogue and Gambit have been longtime fan favorites with people obsessing over their on-again, off-again relationship. Both characters are best when together, as they show a vulnerability that we don’t always see between our heroes. Marvel has already reintroduced Rogue and Gambit in X-MEN: GOLD to resounding success. It is only natural that the two would continue into their own series.

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As for David Haller AKA Legion, I’m incredibly excited to see this mutant anti-hero back with his own series. When there’s a book solely on this character, writers have the complete opportunity to explore the psychedelic insanity that is David Haller. After FX’s amazing show about him, it’s fair to say we’re living in a Legionssance. I can’t wait to see what else Marvel is able to do with this character. Whenever he appears in the comics, his powers often have drastic effects.

I’m ecstatic to know that Marvel continues to celebrate its mutant characters, and I hope we get further announcements of new X-Men related books (Nightcrawler anyone?). We still have yet to learn the creative teams for these two new books, but Marvel informs us we’ll learn more this week at New York Comic Con. Keep up with Comicsverse to discover all the comic book news coming out this week!

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