If Marvel is telling us anything right now, it’s that mercs are in. Well, at least they are in the comic book world (and hopefully only in the comic book world). Along with Wade Wilson’s new series, DEADPOOL, comes Neena Thurman’s own solo series, DOMINO. Written by Gail Simone and illustrated by David Baldeon, the series promises action, sexiness, and a whole lot of luck. When talking about her role in the series, Simone says:

“I love writing mercs and mutants again, I love digging deep into what being those things means in a world where nobody trusts them, not even other mercs and mutants.”

The New Neena in DOMINO #1

The character of Domino has been portrayed as a mercenary before, but like the DEADPOOL series, DOMINO seems to be purposefully trying to bring Neena back to her killing roots. Without the X-Force by her side, it’ll be interesting to see how Domino develops. Domino has had solo series before, but they’ve never focused on her skills as a trained assassin. Why are they pushing that aspect of her character now?

With DEADPOOL 2 coming out in May, shaping Neena’s character in comics is important. From what we know about the film already, Domino is going to be a major character. Just as the Fresh Start DEADPOOL series is stressing Wade’s mercenary skills, so too is the DOMINO series. While they may seem like different solo series, they’re actually very connected. Marvel is hoping to reshape both of these characters to match their movie versions. According to Baldeon, his series will create the Domino that “people will think of when they think of Neena in the future.” Before people see the movie, they can read DOMINO #1 and have some knowledge of the character.

Meet Cable: The Infamous Character From DEADPOOL 2

To some, the connection to the film might signal less of an investment in Neena’s character development. Simone might just be trying to emulate the silver-screen Domino. However, I don’t think that’s the case. Within the few pages Marvel has released, the sassy, spitfire Domino we all know and love is very present. While the plot of the series may be geared towards the film, DOMINO is still focused on highlighting a great character. If you’re a fan of the probability-altering mutant, pick up your issue of DOMINO #1 on April 11th!

DOMINO #1 Image Gallery


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