Captain Phasma #1

It’s the first week of fall and Marvel is busy paving the way towards Marvel Legacy. This week will have more mutant-centered books, adventures in galaxies far away, and generational journeys. Here is our list of the best releases of Marvel’s new comics this week of September 6, 2017!


Ever since Lucasfilm first released toys of Captain Phasma, she became a fan favorite character. Her commanding presence and badass costume is what instantly set her apart from the First Order’s other goons. Now Marvel is unveiling its first issue of Kelly Thompson’s PHASMA #1 as its first comic in the “Journey to the Last Jedi” series. This means that PHASMA takes place directly after the events of THE FORCE AWAKENS and will set the stage for Episode 8. For those who are dying to know what will happen in THE LAST JEDI, this comic is the first place to look.

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In this issue, we get to see the Battle of Starkiller Base from Captain Phasma’s viewpoint. We see Phasma escape after Han and Finn drop her in the trash compactor and how she manages to survive the battle. It is amazing to see the events taking place in THE FORCE AWAKENS but from Phasma’s perspective. We see her fight to live as X-Wings and Tie Fighters fly past her reeking destruction in their paths. Artist Marco Checchetto beautifully captures the chaos of the dogfight. All of this with Kelly Thompson’s writing savvy makes it likely PHASMA will be one of the best books to come out of new Star Wars canon.



Speaking of Kelly Thompson, she has knocked every issue of her HAWKEYE series out of the park. Last issue, HAWKEYE #9, ended with a cliffhanger as a mysterious woman entered Kate Bishop AKA Hawkeye’s apartment. Then, in the preview of HAWKEYE #10, we see a very different Kate. In this issue she is obsessed with trying dresses, making herself up, and going to parties; all things that Kate previously has not cared about. Furthermore, the comic shows that Kate is acting much more vindictive and arrogant. Finally, she is beyond bossy and insulting to her friends. What has happened to Kate Bishop?

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HAWKEYE #10 looks to build towards a new battle between Madame Masque and Kate Bishop. The whole situation is made more complicated by the fact that Kate’s father, Derek Bishop, is working with Madame Masque. Kelly Thompson has done an awesome job representing Kate’s inner turmoil while also continuing to make the comic extremely fun and clever. Seeing this sudden new personality arise from Kate is a hilarious and entertaining twist that Thompson does a fantastic job writing. HAWKEYE #10 promises a new enjoyable and rewarding experience in the life of Kate Bishop.



GENERATION X #6 starts our heroes off in class. Taught by the sentient lima bean himself, Doop, Quentin, Benjamin, and Nathaniel find themselves at an impasse. Nathaniel telepathically communicates with Quentin, asking him why Benji appears so tired. Quentin, of course, feigns ignorance to his friend’s state. It isn’t until Nathaniel reads his mind that he finds out Quentin takes Nathaniel out every night to drink, party, and generally get into shenanigans. The issue appears to continue the Quentin/Nathaniel dynamic where one uses their mental capabilities with caution and the other with complete disregard for how their powers affect others. Hopefully, the issue will explore their dichotomy more in a way only Marvel and the X-Men franchise can!



Charles Soule’s DARTH VADER provides a unique look into the life of the eponymous Lord of The Sith. In DARTH VADER #5, Vader is set to complete the trial which Emperor Paplatine has given him: craft his own lightsaber. To do this he returns to the very location that created him, the planet of Mustafar. It is fascinating to see the first time that Vader has returned to the place where Obi-Wan cut up his body and left him to burn to death. Furthermore, Mustafar is the last place where he saw his wife. Will these memories come back to haunt the raging cyborg? Or will his anger only strengthen his power in the Dark Side of the Force?



With issues such as GENERATIONS JEAN GREY AND PHOENIX as well as GENERATION HAWKEYE AND HAWKEYE, the GENERATIONS anthology series has delighted fans with its multigenerational crossovers. Brian Michael Bendis’ GENERATIONS IRON MAN AND IRONHEART #1 looks to continue to thrill and please fans with the team-up between Tony Stark and Riri Williams in an out of time adventure. In this issue, we get to see classic Iron Man with his classic red and yellow suit team up with the current form of Ironheart. They are stuck in Chicago where they must face some threat worthy of both of them. From the very first panel, the art by Marco Rudy, Szymon Kudranski, and Nico Leon enthrall readers with enchanting and dreamlike art which adds to Riri’s feeling of unreality. Based on Bendis’ talent and the art, this appears to be an issue of GENERATIONS you can’t miss!

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Final Thoughts on Marvel’s New Comics This Week

Those were the Marvel comics that we at Comicsverse are most excited for. Which ones are you looking forward to? Share your picks in the comments below! Then remember to pick up your favorite Marvel comics this Wednesday!

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