Marvel Legacy #1

Marvel Entertainment just unveiled its teaser trailer for its biggest comic book event in 2017, MARVEL LEGACY. Tom Brevoort and Alex Alonso discuss the event which they promise will change the Marvel Universe for years to come. In the video, they tell us that the main goal is to honor the history of classic Marvel comics and as Alonso says, “to give them new life”.

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MARVEL LEGACY Teaser Trailer

The trailer begins with Brevoort and Alonso discussing a major part of MARVEL LEGACY #1, The Avengers of 1,000,000 B.C. The comic promises to show the formation of this team with the earliest versions of classic characters like the first Black Panther or Sorcerer Supreme. Then Alonso discusses bringing back some of the classic marvel characters while also keeping most of the newer ones. They say that Legacy will aim to maintain old favorites like Peter Parker while also having a prominent place for recent popular heroes like Miles Morales.

Avengers of 1,000,000. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Then the MARVEL LEGACY teaser trailer continued onto the subject of numbering. LEGACY tallies up the number of issues from Marvel’s past comic lines throughout the years to give them a current number. So MARVEL LEGACY’s new Iron Man comic will not be INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 but instead INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #593. This is Marvel’s strategy to honor legacy of each title and their decades of history.

Finally, MARVEL LEGACY teaser trailer discusses a return of “a major Marvel icon”. Who is this mysterious Marvel mainstay? Is it Wolverine who died in 2014’s DEATH OF WOLVERINE? Or is it Bruce Banner’s Hulk who recently died in CIVIL WAR II? Perhaps it could even refer to the return of the Fantastic Four back into prominence as central Marvel characters.

In conclusion, this MARVEL LEGACY teaser trailer proves that MARVEL LEGACY will be the must-read comic event of 2017. Breevort and Alonso tell readers that if there is any comic that readers have to pick up, its MARVEL LEGACY #1. As Marvel Fans, we only to have to wait until September, 27th for this revolutionary issue to come out!

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