Amazing Spider-Man #797 – Aaron Kuder (and Jason Keith).

What aspiring artist and comic book lover hasn’t dreamt of someday seeing their artwork grace the pages of a Marvel comic? It’s for the dreams of these aspiring artists — and, moreover, the sustainability of the comic book industry — that Marvel’s Young Guns program is so important. Since its original launch in 2004, Young Guns has highlighted early-career comic book artists. After all, without it, we might not be aware of the talents of artists like Jim Cheung (ASTONISHING X-MEN #1) and Sara Pichelli (SPIDER-MEN II). And, given Marvel’s recently announced 2018 Young Guns artists, the new talent we see this year will be no exception.

So, drum roll, please. This year’s Young Guns lineup is:

  • Pepe Larraz, artist on AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER
  • Javier Garrón, artist on a secret upcoming project
  • Marco Checchetto, artist on OLD MAN HAWKEYE
  • Aaron Kuder, artist on INFINITY COUNTDOWN
  • Mike Del Mundo, artist on a secret upcoming project
  • Russell Dauterman, artist on MIGHTY THOR

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Here’s What We Know About the 2018 Young Guns

Although they’re early-career artists, this year’s Young Guns have some impressive credits already. For example, you might know Larraz from his work penciling THE MIGHTY THOR. Plus, he has illustrated stories in anthologies like WEB OF SPIDER-MAN, MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES and X-MEN: TO SERVE AND PROTECT.

Garrón got his industry start in webcomics and blogs. (Take note, webcomic artists aspiring to Marvel). Afterwards, he made his Marvel debut in 2014 with CYCLOPS. Then he worked on the “Black Vortex” event crossover between NEW X-MEN and GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

Next on the list, Kuder has worked on titles like DEATH OF X and ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Meanwhile, Del Mundo’s art has graced many a Marvel cover since 2009. Additionally, he has done art for series such as AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, VISION, and INVINCIBLE IRON MAN.

Finally, rounding off the list, Dauterman worked on Marvel’s run of THOR comics written by Jason Aaron and starring Jane Foster as Thor.

And There’s More …

Along with their regular series, each of Marvel’s 2018 Young Guns will create a special limited exclusive variant cover for six new books. They include: AVENGERS #678, X-MEN RED #1, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #3, DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION #1, BLACK PANTHER #170, and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797! Plus, more new projects and series from the Young Guns will be announced in upcoming months, according to Marvel. Seems like these Young Guns will be pretty busy.

Final Thoughts

Since its inception, Marvel’s Young Guns program never fails to impress. And, based on the credits of the newest inductees, this should be another good year of high-quality talent. Overall, whether you’re already a fan of the artists’ work or just on the lookout for new artists to follow, it’s worth your while to check out this year’s Young Guns projects. Most of all, you’ll be supporting a program that helps sustain the comic book industry, injecting it with new talent.

Images from this Year’s Young Guns Lineup

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