Less than six months after Marvel’s Legacy relaunch, Marvel is teasing another relaunch, aptly named Fresh Start. Coming May 2018, the relaunch promises new beginnings all around. This includes new series, new creative teams, and new directions for classic characters. The Chief Creative Director at Marvel, Joe Quesada, sees this relaunch as a “great jumping on point” for those who are new to comics or for those who haven’t been keeping up with modern comics. The new series will be focused on creating compact stories that are easier to understand and don’t require a ton of background knowledge.   

Jim Cheung illustrated the first official artwork for the relaunch, which highlights some of Marvel’s most famous heroes. A few of the fan favorites pictured include Hulk, Deadpool, Ant-Man, and Venom. While Marvel’s Executive Editor Tom Brevoort assured fans that characters not included in the image wouldn’t be excluded from future series, it should be noted that Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most prominent hero in the image. Cue rejoicing Peter Parker fans.

Fresh Start
Art by Jim Cheung. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


Marvel has already announced the first Fresh Start series: AVENGERS, which will star Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Also joining the team are Black Panther, She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange. Marvel veteran Jason Aaron (THOR, GHOST RIDER, and DOCTOR STRANGE) will be writing the series, and Ed McGuinness (HULK) will be illustrating. 

Recent cancellations have revealed that Marvel is ending a lot of their other AVENGERS titles — perhaps to focus on this new one. As disappointing as those cancellations may be, condensing all of the AVENGERS titles into one would make reading a lot easier. It’ll also encourage new readers and MCU fans to pick it up. Seeing AVENGERS #1 on a shelf is a lot less threatening than seeing AVENGERS #672.

Chaos Ensues in AVENGERS #678!


Fresh Start: No More Legacy?

The announcement of Fresh Start has a lot of people wondering about Legacy’s fate. Launched in September 2017, Legacy’s intent was to bring iconic superheroes back into the spotlight. The relaunch saw the return of numerous core heroes, such as Wolverine and Jean Grey. But, Legacy was only moderately successful due to its complicated numbering system and somewhat confusing storylines. New readers shied away from series included in Legacy because many of them didn’t advertise the heroes casual fans are more aware of.

That’s where Fresh Start comes in. Successful Marvel movies have garnered a lot of excitement for superheroes. Unfortunately, the comics themselves haven’t exactly been capitalizing on that. Fresh Start looks to be trying to unite the two branches of Marvel Entertainment, allowing fans to interact with both comics and films. Almost all of the characters included in Cheung’s illustration have been the stars of successful Marvel movies or TV shows. While that is exciting, it also leaves out a lot of characters who haven’t made an on-screen debut yet. Still, the relaunch looks promising. I think if it encourages people who used to be intimidated by comics to finally pick one up and read it, then it’s worth the hype.

Check out AVENGERS #1, coming May 2018!

AVENGERS #1 Image Gallery

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