With the second seasons of Netflix’s Marvel shows fast approaching, speculation has been running wild. There’s a lot of fun things to think about when it comes to expanding these heroes’ stories individually. However, I’m attached to the idea of these heroes growing as a team — and I’m sure other comics fans are as well. With where Marvel’s DEFENDERS left off, there’s plenty of possibilities for what Netflix can do next.

We know Netflix has to stick to the canon it has currently set up with its existing shows. We’ve had a starting point for all the players now. Any new characters introduced aren’t going to get their own shows that have them as a central focus, which is important to keep in mind. What’s left when moving forward is where the heroes we already know can go, who and how they can fight, and how their relationships will develop.

Team-Ups Beyond the Marvel’s Defenders

There’s already been speculation after Marvel’s DEFENDERS about Heroes for Hire becoming a team-up — especially since Danny Rand is going to be in season 2 of LUKE CAGE. However, there’s another team-up that I’m excited about as well. There’s a possibility that Netflix will also introduce Nightwing Restorations.

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Nightwing Restorations is a detective agency started by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing. In fact, they started the business before Luke and Danny started Heroes for Hire, and gave them a share fair of ribbing over “stealing” their idea. Considering Colleen and Misty have met as of Marvel’s DEFENDERS, there’s no reason why this couldn’t become canon.

Misty brings up that before Heroes for Hire, Luke was actually part of Nightwing Restorations.

It’d be great to see Misty and Colleen form a strong friendship and working relationship together. Colleen and Misty may not be in group shots for the Marvel’s Defenders team, but they’re just as crucial to the show and our heroes moving forward. Not to mention, they’re heroes themselves.

Nightwing Restorations could bring forth more of a technical and strategic aspect to the Defenders as a team, which could be nice compared to the chaos of season one of Marvel’s DEFENDERS. Of course, the chaos is bound to reduce as the characters get closer in general, but Misty and Colleen helming research and detective work sounds like a dream.

New Heroes

Let’s be honest, a vast amount of people have been waiting for Hellcat since JESSICA JONES introduced Trish Walker. Trish has featured heavily in almost every single Netflix series so far, only making people want this more. Having Trish be so prominent and still hold off on making her a hero is getting a bit ridiculous.

Hellcat is…a bit complicated, as far as hero origins come. Netflix might have to tweak quite a few things when it comes to Trish’s backstory for Netflix. However, it’s also possible that Netflix could introduce characters like the Cat and Moondragon specifically for Trish’s backstory. Again, the approach would have to be different from comic canon — especially because I don’t think Netflix needs Trish taking a trip to the moon — but they’d be interesting characters to have on standby.

Hellcat is great for banter.

Having Hellcat join the line-up could add some much-needed lightheartedness as well. Typically Danny serves as the comic relief for the team — and hopefully, he’ll shape up into being the slightly goofy optimistic character that he is in the comics over time — but everything in the Netflix shows is a bit heavy for the time being. Trish is perfectly capable of alleviating this issue as Hellcat, and at the same time handling her own more serious stories. We’ve seen this proven in JESSICA JONES.

Major Girl-Power

With the possibility of Nightwing Restorations and Hellcat, Netflix has the opportunity to set up a major spotlight for the women in its Marvel series. Jessica already having Alias Investigations could either mesh well with the conception of Nightwing Restorations or cause friction between them. Either option can lead to some unusual situations for the characters and a lot of screentime for these amazing ladies.

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The same goes for allowing Trish to become Hellcat. This won’t only add another lady to the crime-fighting roster of the Defenders. Trish becoming Hellcat brings up the opportunity for emotional arcs for Trish and Jessica. While JESSICA JONES had hard-hitting moments for Trish and Jessica’s relationship, the focus was still predominately on Jessica. It’d be nice to see them move forward and have more focus on them building their lives together as two heroes.

Trish being a superhero contrasted with Jessica’s need to be overprotective of her could lead to interesting character arcs.

I think that’s one of the best prospects, honestly. Having more women kicking ass on screen is always a plus, of course. However, seeing deep, meaningful friendships and loving relationships between women on screen is just as important. Developed female characters having rich emotional lives outside of men is invaluable for audiences to see and absorb.

New Villains

Outside of the world of our heroes, there’s the fact that Netflix ended Marvel’s DEFENDERS with the main villains being defeated. It’s unlikely that Netflix will make it, so the Hand stays defeated. Still, the threat that brought our heroes together is currently gone. I’m sure the Hand will pop up again at some later time since I can’t imagine Netflix would cut such a huge player out of the game permanently. Still, having Netflix give the Hand a break for a while would be nice.

That means there’s an opportunity to introduce newer villains. I think the current set-up is a great time to introduce the Maggia. The Maggia is an organized crime syndicate that works internationally, and Marvel has often used them as villains against the Defenders or its individual members. Creators can tweak the Maggia to what they need for a story — power levels, the amount of villains, and other things — very easily, as well.

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The fun thing about the Maggia is that it’s an organization that can supply Netflix with a nearly endless supply of villains. The Maggia has plenty of hired assassins, mad scientists, and enforcers. Considering how many allies the Maggia have in the crime world, it’d be easier to introduce villains that aren’t necessarily members of them as well. It would be nice to take a break from the stereotype-filled storylines of the Hand and take a step into supervillain gang territory.

Science & Magic

Another fun possibility is bringing in more magic. Marvel’s DEFENDERS and the other Netflix Marvel shows don’t shy away from the existence of magic in the way that many other Marvel adaptations have. IRON FIST has no qualms about the existence of dragons and mythical cities. Marvel’s DEFENDERS had no issue introducing immortality and ways to revive dead people.

If Netflix decides to go forward with Hellcat, the stance on magic being real is just going to strengthen. I think that’s something good that these shows have going for it. It means there’s also the possibility of introducing villains (or sometimes-villains) like the Hood and Daimon Hellstrom. Daimon, in particular, has a strong relation to Hellcat’s story, being one of her ex-husbands in the comics.

Plus — not to sound shallow — I think the Hood’s aesthetic would fit in really well with the look of Netflix’s Marvel shows.

The Hood would add some fun to the organized crime route when it comes to villains. Street crime involving magic seems very up the Defenders’ alley. It also seems like something Netflix could have a lot of fun with in many ways. Magic makes it easy to bend the rules and cause chaos. There’s also the fact that magic simply makes for stories that are enjoyable. Magic makes it so that creators can be a bit silly with their stories. I think Netflix’s Marvel shows could use some more carefree stories.

Speculation & Second Seasons

Of course, the release of the second seasons of JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, and IRON FIST could blow all of these theories to the wayside. As I mentioned before — I can’t see the future, and I don’t actually have much clue what Netflix might be planning. I do, however, know a fair amount about the source material. I also know what might be fun, in my opinion, for Netflix to go forward with.

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There’s a lot of other things that are up in the air as well. Daredevil is “dead” — although I doubt that’ll last long. As of the end of PUNISHER, we still don’t know whether Frank Castle will be an ally to the Defenders or not. The chances of the Hand staying down are extremely low. There’s a lot of directions Netflix can go while utilizing only the cast we already know.

I’m excited for whatever they have in store, honestly. I don’t think I’m bound to be upset even if my predictions turn out to be entirely wrong. With characters that have been around for decades, there are so many stories for Netflix to explore with these heroes. I’m excited about every single one of these stories, even if it’s not the ones I’m expecting.

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