Where to begin? Long have fans cried out for the light at the end of the tunnel. For months, nothing has been more desired than a small glimpse at the war and chaos to come. Marvel has promised these next Avengers films will be the end of an era and the culmination of ten years of storytelling. Today, all of those desires came true. Marvel unleashed its first trailer for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

From Thanos equipping the gems to Thor meeting the Guardians, the trailer was full of both fan-service and surprises. Up to this point, details have been scarce about the upcoming crossover event. Marvel released a teaser over the summer to hype up fans, and reports of footage from D23 were in abundance. After today, however, it seems fans have a real lock on what the movie is going to have in store. Here’s what we know, and what we can likely expect.

Thanos Means Serious Business

What exactly has Thanos been up to for the past few years? Honestly, nobody is sure. However, we do know a few things. He’s got the gauntlet, he’s got two of the stones, and he’s got an army. Additionally, where are his cronies? We know that these characters will be appearing by his side as his Black Order.

Furthermore, it appears as if Loki is either teaming up with him or just lending a hand. Is Loki in possession of the Tesseract, or is Thanos using it again as a bargaining chip to get Loki’s help? In the original Avengers, Loki technically worked for Thanos. Are they teaming up again? Perhaps Thanos promises him Earth in exchange for his help in securing the stones. After all, “balancing the universe” seems like a full-time job.

Thanos, Infinity War, Avengers, Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk
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This trailer does a great job of showing the power and prowess of Thanos, but where will it go from here? It looks like he’s got the power to travel anywhere at anytime. As far as the infinity stones go, it seems like he or one of his Black Order compatriots are tearing the Soul Stone right out of Vision’s head.

As for the war in Wakanda, it’s safe to assume that the battle is against Thanos’ army. They’ve got a stone worth protecting, and Thanos sends everything he has to try and take it. While it does appear to be your average CGI alien army, Thanos and his Black Order can’t be far behind, especially if Cap’s squad is in the fight.


Where Are The Avengers?

The last time we truly saw all of The Avengers on screen was in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. In the end, they’re a fractured mess. Captain America’s squad essentially goes into hiding, while Tony and his side attempt to keep peace in the world. Since then, Spider-Man has come into the fold, Thor and the Guardians are surely on their way, and Doctor Strange has been thrown into the mix. How will they all come together?

Frankly, that’s up in the air. It appears as if Spider-Man is one of the first to react to Thanos’ presence. Tony, Doctor Strange, Wong, and Bruce Banner are in NYC figuring things out, as well. This seems to be frontline #1. #2 looks to be Wakanda, where Black Panther, Bucky, Steve, and others are combating Thanos’ forces in open battle.

Surprisingly, War Machine and Widow are on their side. Maybe the fractured Avengers find a way to come together again. Front #3 is in space, and we’ve no idea what will happen. Thor and the Guardians have to be on their way to earth, right? But what role with they play when they arrive? Maybe it has something to do with the giant machine Thor appears to be holding together.

Tragically, there were a few heroes not seen in the trailer. It seems like not everyone will be featured as heavily as fans want, considering the overcrowded lineup needed for INFINITY WAR.  Hawkeye will make his way into the scuffle but was nowhere to be found. Ant-Man remains to be seen, as do the members of Thanos’ Black Order.

Thanos, Infinity War, Avengers, Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

Cap’s Beard, Widow’s Hair, and Peter’s New Suit

The trailer raises as many questions about our beloved heroes as it does give answers about what’s to come. First off, is Captain America’s new beard a stylistic decision or has he been out of the game for too long to care? Besides, T’Challa says he needs a shield. Could that mean Steve’s been laying low, and Thanos coming is what’s finally bringing him out?

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Secondly, is Natasha getting old or is she just undercover? Whatever the reason for the new hair color is, is she still Black Widow? Time has passed for everyone in the MCU, and maybe this is just a way to show everyone is getting ready to throw in the towel.

Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit is in the film, surprisingly. At the end of HOMECOMING, Peter turned down the chance to don the new outfit. Does this mean he’s gone back on his statement, or do desperate times simply call for drastic measures? The latter makes the most sense, considering it appears Tony is bringing back the Hulkbuster armor to help out. Or maybe that suit is another way to keep Banner in check?

Thanos, Infinity War, Avengers, Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios

How Will INFINITY WAR Lead to Avengers 4?

Whatever happens in INFINITY WAR, we know that it will somehow set up the untitled fourth AVENGERS film. Whatever that turns out to be, it will be the end of the modern Marvel era. Will everyone die? Will the universe reset? And, lastly, Will Marvel Studios find a way to recast everyone? There are those who think the end is nigh for some heroes.

Perhaps INFINITY WAR will end with Steve or Tony’s death or the demise of the earth itself. Or, however unlikely, maybe it ends with the Fantastic Four appearing to lend a hand. Regardless of what happens, it sure is going to be a spectacle. What Marvel has accomplished is entirely unprecedented, and fans will show up in troves to see how it all culminates this upcoming May.

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