The Merc with a Mouth is back in business with a brand new series! DEADPOOL #1 will take the fan-favorite character back to his roots as a soldier for hire. Series editor Jake Thomas says the only way Deadpool knows how to get back into the mercenary business is with “Maximum effort [and] reasonable rates.” That sounds like the Wade Wilson we all know and love.

Fresh New Deadpool in DEADPOOL #1

Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

As part of the Fresh Start relaunch, DEADPOOL #1 will bring some new writers and artists to the Deadpool character. The current line-up includes artist Nic Klein and writer Skottie Young. Thomas lovingly describes Young as “one of the wildest, most unhinged creative minds I’ve ever worked with.” He promises that the series will be filled with “every dirty trick, cheap sales tactic, crass promotional ploy, and underhanded advantage” Wade could possibly come up with. As for Klein, Thomas describes his work as “strange, beautiful glory” that lends itself well to the craziness of DEADPOOL.

Deadpool’s character has seen a lot of changes in the past couple of years. This is mostly due to a recent surge in popularity thanks to his successful silver screen debut. Marvel has tried to keep Deadpool in numerous comics, filling numerous roles, but this hasn’t really helped the character. He hasn’t had a lot of recent characterization and his “Merc with a Mouth” nickname hasn’t been applicable for a while. This is why the new DEADPOOL series is such a good idea. Fans who see the Deadpool movies can pick up DEADPOOL #1 and easily follow along. As long as they know that he’s a merc, it won’t be too hard to catch on.

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So much of the Fresh Start relaunch is about making comics accessible to new fans. With DEADPOOL 2 coming out in the near future, more and more people are going to want to see Wade Wilson on the page. This new series looks to be the perfect jumping on point for Deadpool fans who’ve never read his comics before. Check out the new series coming June 6th!

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