This year, at C2E2, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of the comic industry’s current giants, Mark Waid. Though we did not have a great deal of time to chat, Waid answered a great deal of my unanswered questions regarding his projects with Marvel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get anything out of him regarding the new Wasp, but maybe you can decode some hints regarding CIVIL WAR II!

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            You may recognize Waid from the critically acclaimed DAREDEVIL series he penned, of which the entire creative team has accompanied Waid to work on the new BLACK WIDOW series. The current run of BLACK WIDOW is produced in accordance with the Marvel method, meaning that artist Chris Samnee has a hand in the book’s writing process. Despite sharing the exact same creative team, BLACK WIDOW is a lot less text-heavy than DAREDEVIL, and given the nature of the two characters this makes a great deal of sense. Waid also provided me (and by extension you, denizens of the ComicsVerse) with some insight regarding the direction of the current AVENGERS run, of which he is also the writer.

Waid’s involvement in the comics industry extends far beyond his work with Marvel. He also runs a store called ‘Aww Yeah Comics,’ in Indiana, though he doesn’t make appearances in the all that often (in an effort to keep the business running smoothly). As if this is not enough to keep him busy, Waid also has a digital comics distribution site called “,” which is, incidentally the only place where you can access a great deal of Waid’s own creator owned comics. Waid and I discuss the pros and cons associated with both the print and digital comic mediums, as well as the potential for digital comics to eventually overthrow print as the dominant medium. In the interview, Waid assures me that just because he has a great deal of fun working on digital projects, he can’t see himself departing from print comics.

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As previously stated, Waid is writing the current run of the AVENGERS. As such, I felt the need to ask him if he’s on Team Iron Man, or Team Cap. His answer? You’ll have to watch to find out.





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