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One of the best parts of Special Edition: NYC is the fact that it’s limited to only industry guests — the artists and authors who make up the works of art and literature that have so captivated comic book fans, and, more recently, members of the general public, as comics have spread from pages to screens both big and small.  One of the legendary artists that were available for autographs, sketches, and original works of art was Marvel great Mark Texeira.  With a wide range of work for a variety of companies, Mark is perhaps best known for his iconic work on Wolverine, Sabretooth, the Hulk, Punisher, and Ghost Rider.  We were able to catch up with the Brooklyn native, who shared his opinion regarding comic book art.  It turns out that Mark is very classically trained, and you can see this classical style bleed into every piece he works on.

Beyond his artistic style, Mark brings psychology and philosophy to his art, as well.  Feeling that every character, every panel comes from the artist, Mark invites us to view his work and try to get inside his mind by analyzing the details and clues he leaves behind in his art.  How much of it is Mark, and how much of it is his characters?  It’s an interesting distinction to try to make.

Mark Texeira Interview: He’s From Brooklyn!

Being a native to Brooklyn, and having been in the industry for decades, Mark has seen his share of change and evolution in both the comic scene and in New York City.  He shared with us some of the changes that he’s seen and how this has affected the comic industry as a whole.  A true artistic purist, this is one artist that you will not see creating art digitally anytime soon, and I, for one, am happy to hear it.  His brush strokes, his lines, are too real, too authentic, to be cheapened by a digital process.

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