It truly was the Year of Harley Quinn for me at New York Comic-Con 2019. One of the highlights — maybe cooler than seeing the cast of THE BIRDS OF PREY AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN — was chatting with Mariko Tamaki about her book. HARLEY QUINN: BREAKING GLASS is rad as hell, and we got to talk about it!

Tamaki on Harley

What do Harley Quinn and a group of drag queens have in common? A whole hell of a lot, actually! That’s why Tamaki decided to give teenage Harley a “found family” of them in her book. She and I discussed why this wonderful cast of characters is just so right for Harley’s story.

Of course, we also touched on her other surrounding characters. Ivy and the Joker are around in various forms in BREAKING GLASS. Tamaki told us how these characters influence Harley, even though she is a very strong, individualized person. She even told me about a character she would love to see Harley with who did not find a way into BREAKING GLASS. Find out who it is in the video above.

Harley Quinn is always struggling with good versus bad inside of her, and Tamaki did not shy away from that in her book. As Harley navigates high school, she has a lot of room to figure out who she is. HARLEY QUINN: BREAKING GLASS allows her to explore those sides of her. Those traits exist in the extremes on both Ivy and the Joker here.

Tamaki also discussed working with Steve Pugh, whose art brought HARLEY QUINN: BREAKING GLASS to life.

Towards the end of our conversation, Tamaki also talks about her new imprint with Abrams Books. She will be curating the imprint, called Surely Books, which will focus on LGBTQI+ stories told by creators who are part of the community.

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