The saga of DOOMSDAY CLOCK is now past its halfway point. The orthodox DC Universe we have always known has adjoined the grim reality of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ original WATCHMEN epic. Now though, in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7, these two worlds have reached a full-on collision as Doctor Manhattan makes his long-awaited entrance into this series.

doomsday clock #7
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 Variant Cover by Gary Frank. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Stop The Clock

Writer Geoff Johns has composed a thorough narrative that takes its time in piecing out the complex adventures that follow up the events of WATCHMEN. This meticulous, developmental formula has contributed to an extensive plot led by complex and, most importantly, unpredictable characters.

Thus, DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 exemplifies Johns’ consistent attention to detail as the issue presents significant changes to the story, ones that will leave readers absolutely awestruck.

doomsday clock #7
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Everything Ends

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 begins with an introspection from Doctor Manhattan himself. He reflects on the nature of varying realities, specifically those of Alan Scott. Of course, Alan Scott is better known as the Green Lantern of the Golden Age.

Therefore, Manhattan primarily reflects on two of Scott’s realities, one in which he becomes Green Lantern and another in which he meets his death before he can take up that mantle. Doctor Manhattan then mentally traverses the journey of lantern itself throughout history up to the point in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #6 where Johnny Thunder discovers the device. However, the man once known as Jon Osterman reaches a point in these visions of the lantern where he can no longer see their future journey, which is seemingly impossible for a man capable of witnessing any moment in time.

Thus, DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 kicks off with putting the invulnerable Doctor Manhattan’s future in question.

He eventually crosses paths with DOOMSDAY CLOCK’s primary players in this issue when Adrian Veidt utilizes his cat Bubastis to track Manhattan’s location with the help of the lantern Johnny Thunder discovered. Veidt is aware that Manhattan has left temporal fingerprints on the lantern, making him trackable.

So, in an epic sequence from artist Gary Frank, Doctor Manhattan materializes before the eyes of characters such as Batman, Rorschach, and the Joker, therefore officially entering the DCU.

doomsday clock #7
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.


In this highly-anticipated assembly, Veidt expresses his desire to redeem his failures. He ultimately wishes to save the world alongside Doctor Manhattan. However, Manhattan is quick to dismiss Veidt’s wishes. He remains disappointed in the man responsible for the deaths of millions.

Rorschach comes to Veidt’ defense only for Manhattan to reveal that Ozymandius lied to him about having cancer. Rather, Veidt only made that claim to manipulate Rorschach as he already knew everything there was to know about Reggie Long, the new man behind the mask.

Veidt knew that Reggie would want to see the man responsible for the deaths of his family members experience remorse and redemption. Veidt also knew that Walter Kovacs, the original Rorschach, was actually responsible for the corruption of Reggie’s father’s psyche as well as the breakdown of Reggie’s parents’ marriage. Reggie wasn’t aware of any of this because the late Byron Lewis hid that information to protect Reggie.

In response to this devastating revelation, Reggie snaps and begins beating both Veidt and the Joker in a haze of anger, before he departs the scene and removes his mask.

doomsday clock #7
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Two Peas in a Pod

Now, Reggie Long’s story has reached a crossroads. His journey as Rorschach maintains some ironic parallels to his predecessor. Firstly, he experiences a great loss of faith in a man he thought to be an ally, as Veidt reveals his true nature. Kovacs experienced the same when he lost faith in Veidt and those he perceived as his allies. Finally, both men removed their masks when they felt as though they could no longer serve the world as they were meant to.

Now, Reggie is uncertain that he can be a hero. He no longer knows who to trust, as he cannot even trust his own memories of his parents.

Finally, the two parallel each other in their, seemingly, last acts as Rorschach. Kovacs, of course, dropped his journal off at a newspaper’s office to reveal Veidt’s action. Similarly, Long mails some sort of information to none other than Lois Lane.

With five issues left, it’s safe to say that though Long’s journey as Rorschach may conclude, his significance to DOOMSDAY CLOCK’s culmination remains certain.

doomsday clock #7
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 page 10. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The End is Nigh

The biggest twist of DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 comes at the end. We have all been waiting for these two worlds of the DC Universe to collide. Additionally, we have been waiting for Superman’s involvement, which has been hinted at numerous times. Now, we get a taste in regard to what’s to come.

Doctor Manhattan can no longer see the future. Why? Well, he realizes that either he destroys the world, or Superman will destroy him. The outcome of those two possibilities remains to be seen.

So, DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 is another excellent installment of this series. It delivers some of readers’ most anticipated events and brings unexpected developments to character arcs. I love Johns’s unpredictability in this story and his attention to the run’s subplots. Johnny Thunder remains a tragic character who may not receive the most attention in this saga, yet his arc is incredibly engaging as he exemplifies the role of a hero who was defeated by the grim, cruel reality of the world.

I also love the way Johns incorporated Doctor Manhattan into this issue and influenced the new Rorschach’s descent into uncertainty. However, the laborious pace that initially worked for the series is beginning to feel a little too slow. Hopefully, with DOOMSDAY CLOCK’S newest revelations, the story will pick up as it reaches its unpredictable climax.

doomsday clock #7
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 page 14. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7

Gary Frank stuns in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7. Firstly, the variant cover that depicts Rorschach violently beating the Joker is captivating. I love how the Joker is out of frame, and Rorschach’s fury dominates the cover. This depiction showcases how the characters of the WATCHMEN universe are invading the world of Superman and Batman. As aforementioned, these two realms of the DC Universe were once merging, but now they have reached a violent collision. Frank depicts that collision in his variant to a tee.

Additionally, the sequence in which Doctor Manhattan appears for the first time is breathtaking. I literally got goosebumps when I first saw those images. That sequence is arguably one of the most cinematic I have ever seen in a comic book. It’s also a monumental, even emotional, moment that Frank so accurately portrayed.

Literally, no words can express my personal reaction to that moment. So I’m sure many readers will feel the same way.

Also, I have admired Rob Leigh’s lettering throughout this series. It parallels that of WATCHMEN, and this issue is no different as Doctor Manhattan’s dialogue is presented exactly as it was in the 1986 saga.

Ultimately, the artwork of DOOMSDAY CLOCK has been magnificent and DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 further proves that as each and every image will leave you in awe.

What Lies Beyond

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 is a great issue. Its art is mesmerizing, and its story continues to bring you further and further in with each and every installment.

The end of the series is nigh. However, there are plenty of questions that still need to be answered. With this, though the overarching narrative has moved slowly, I’m confident that every detail is building towards something unexpected and powerful.

We just have to endure a long, strenuous wait to see how it all unfolds before our eyes!

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, Brad Anderson, & Rob Leigh
DOOMSDAY CLOCK #7 moves slow, but its latest, highly-anticipated developments push the story further as we reach the saga's endgame.
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