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This show proves what MAN SEEKING WOMAN is capable of. You can jump into this season without seeing the previous seasons and it would be perfectly fine. This show is much more than just a comedy, but who doesn't like a good laugh every now and then.
Extremely hilarious!
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First things first: if you don’t know about MAN SEEKING WOMAN (or previous seasons of it), I have summarized the show in a past article. For those of who you haven’t yet experienced this awesomeness, MAN SEEKING WOMAN is an (FXX) show following Josh with his endeavors of dating; whether it be from the failures or the not so failures of it. The show does not hesitate to describe it all and put an amusing spin on it. It is comedic, it is entertaining, and it is a must watch.

However, finally, the time has come to review the season premiere episode, titled ‘Futon.’ Before getting into my thoughts on this episode, if you don’t want spoilers because you were at work or taking care of business and haven’t gotten a chance to watch yet, then…


I will say this, though, this show is extremely underrated and absolutely wonderful. This first episode highlights the potential that season three has moving forward. As I have said before, MAN SEEKING WOMAN is a simplistic show; the atmosphere at the very beginning of the show sets the tone for what will happen next. The producers don’t hide what the show is going to be about or try and pull wool over the viewers’ eyes. What you see is what you get from MAN SEEKING WOMAN and that has always been what I particularly loved about this show; and from the first episode, season three is no different.

As you will see, season three takes the previous aspects of MAN SEEKING WOMAN that made it such a success and highlights them here, as well. The complications that Josh has in relationships are prominent and the comedy aspect is still highlighted, as compared to the previous seasons.

The premiere episode titled, “Futon” starts off with Lucy lying in bed and the alarm on her phone going off. When she reaches for her phone, she accidentally shoots it off her bed and it breaks. The scene after that shows Lucy burning alive…okay, that’s a bit much; her sweater sleeve was on fire. However, technically she could have burned herself alive.

Lucy falling in a pile of trash.

She then walks and slips on a skateboard into an enormous pile of trash while a random boy calls her a “dumbass.” She goes to the library to use her laptop and spills liquid all over it, only to be mauled by a dog a few seconds later, resulting in a completely disheveled and disgruntled Lucy. Yet, despite all of that, she walks into the restaurant date with Josh, with whom it looks like she matched on Tinder—looking like she does—and they still have a great time laughing and eating.

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This is 47 seconds into the new episode of MAN SEEKING WOMAN and gives you a good outlook on how the relationship between her and Josh forms. (Perfectly, if you needed an answer to that.) You can tell by her lifestyle and his (from the previous seasons) that they are, simply put, made for each other. And she’s cute too. What else could Josh want out of life? I loved the creative choice to start the episode off this way because it shows how great Lucy and Josh suit each other and how we’ll continue to see that throughout this season.

After the introduction, you see that Josh’s girlfriend, Lucy, lives with her own roommates, which makes this scene so much funnier than it should be. Imagine your boyfriend living with you, technically, and you have three more roommates on top of that. Lucy and Josh are being incredibly cute and her three roommates are simply looking grossed out; therefore, that means you can conclude that Josh has been staying or spending a few nights there with her and they don’t seem to like that at all.

Josh, Lucy and her roommates.

Right off the bat, though, the relationship seems so beyond adorable that it makes me happy to see Josh, a fictional character, happy in a committed relationship. Being confronted with their adorable dynamics at the beginning of this episode shows major growth from previous seasons. It shows that Josh is learning to have a committed relationship with someone, which he has not been able to do in the previous seasons. He seems to be fitting into the committed relationship and having a blast with his new-found love, Lucy. If you have watched the show as I have then you will notice that he is a tad bit different than he was.

What MAN SEEKING WOMAN does so effectively is its comedy aspect. This show is meant to be insanely hilarious and it is. About five minutes into the episode, you see Lucy’s roommates talking to her about her boyfriend always being there. They have this play on words and Lucy says, “it’s totally fine, he’s not all up in your space.” When you know he is, because, before that, he talks about how one of the roommates walked into the bathroom while he was in there the night before. Talk about awkward. But, in this particular scene, it was hilarious instead.

After that conversation, MAN SEEKING WOMAN makes a play on the situation, kind of like a parody, as they did before (i.e., the first episode of the show ever when they had Adolf Hitler in it, more about that later). And, the roommate is on the news saying how roommates need to be roommates and they are going to take insane measures to make sure only people on the lease are allowed in. Lucy and Josh are coming home from eating out, or having a date night and as they are walking up they will not let Josh in. Obviously, because he is not on the lease; however, Lucy says she will fix it and thus goes into her apartment to fix it.

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Josh not being allowed into the apartment becomes a running gag: the roommates put up a poster that says ”Josh Go Home!;” Josh is deemed an ”illegal” in the sense that he is not on the lease, playing with the current political climate regarding immigration across the Mexican border; Josh climbs through a sewer to get into the apartment, but is caught; the police burst into the apartment and drag Josh away and kick him out.

Lucy then comes out with a suitcase and says she is leaving as well because if Josh goes, then she goes. That is when they decide to move in together and their relationship then becomes committed. I am not going to summarize the entire premiere episode, because honestly, I want you to see how funny it actually is. However, this beginning is absolutely comedy gold. You see from this relationship that weird, crazy, abnormal shit is going to happen. Excuse my language, but honestly, crazy shit is going down and it happened even in this episode.

Adolf Hitler” in MAN SEEKING WOMAN.

The over-the-top theatrics of the situation is, in this context, funny simply because of the melodrama it produces. But what MAN SEEKING WOMAN does best is taking these moments of comedic melodramatic gold and giving them a cultural context relevant to the demographic watching.

In the very first episode titled “Lizard,” MAN SEEKING WOMAN features an unlikely historical figure: Adolf Hitler. In that particular episode, Josh’s ex-girlfriend is literally dating Adolf Hitler. This was a serious situation and the utmost funniest situation to ever watch on the show. Again we can see the comedic mixing with the political, an unlikely but strangely prolific pairing of genres. Season three promises to continue this trend, appealing both to young people’s sense of humor and (perhaps) sense of despair at the political climate around them.

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You can also see this when Josh uses a bomb squad to tell his mom he is getting married. That shows the strong emotions related to love and relationships throughout the show. Josh loves hard and commits hard and that is why he has trouble doing that with someone he really, truly likes because of his past relationships. In the episode titled, “Branzino” (s1, e8), Josh gets conjoined with his girlfriend at the time, Rachel (which can be seen below). Which, thus, proves that over-the-top love he has for anyone he decides to date. He then regrets the decision because he did not know her as well as he once thought.

Josh and Rachel conjoined.

In the episode titled, “Scythe” (s2, e3) Josh decides to date a car because the grim reaper tells him that he will be bald in three years. Yes, he dates a car. This is not only explaining to you the comedy of the show; but, however, showing you that love is passionate and makes you crazy (in a good way). The feelings you get from relationships can be good and bad depending on the person and how you two mesh well together. Going through the motions can make you feel like you are crazy. This show highlights those aspects and makes them hilarious and melodramatic.

These episodes show that Josh has grown to get to season three; he has finally committed. Josh has committed because he has realized that nothing is too bat-shit crazy to the point where he will stop loving who he is dating, that being Lucy. It is important to note that in this season, nothing she can do will be a deal breaker and nothing he will do will be a deal breaker for her. It is nice to see the transition to settling down. You spend two seasons finding someone you mesh with, and getting to season three it’s nice to see that settling down from Josh. And, seeing him truly happy for once and not going through the dating phase.


Overall, the comedy is there. It has been there the past two seasons and it is here now. This show is so underrated, so funny, and completely ready to make its transition to overrated show (in a good way) as soon as the rest of the world catches on. What makes this show so great are the simplistic things I mentioned in my previous article: the comedy, the refreshing plot, and the actors who play in this show. Anyone can act, yes, but these actors play these parts so well you believe Josh and Lucy are dating off the set.

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MAN SEEKING WOMAN’s season premiere was better than ever. They are taking the ideas of parody and comedy and making it into something so freaking hilarious. Kind of similar to how old school SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE used to be, except in a fictional TV show. What I like about MAN SEEKING WOMAN is that aspect, it’s an entire show about comedy. It is based on funniness. It doesn’t have many stone-cold serious moments of the show and if it does, they still find a way to be truly funny. It has a way of making situations light and entertaining. This episode has done nothing but display to us all the reasons why we should keep watching.

What makes MAN SEEKING WOMAN great is at times this show could be WOMAN SEEKING MAN because it’s completely about a woman seeking a man as well as Josh seeking Lucy. Lucy was also seeking Josh at some point, someone that completes her. I love the idea that the show is gender diverse when it comes to that aspect. That is why I believe anyone can like the show and anyone can watch it. Yes, the main character is male; however, you see this show being a show that could be a woman driven show as well, which makes it to where anyone can relate.

The sister Liz, in the episode, “Teacup” (s1, e9) can be used as the equivalent of MAN SEEKING WOMAN by changing it into WOMAN SEEKING MAN. She goes through a break-up in that particular episode and the show changes to a female-driven show because it is then focused on her and not Josh. You also see this in the beginning of season 3 when Lucy is the main character of the show until we see Josh. We get a glimpse of Lucy’s life and not just a full episode merely focused on Josh. The females are not pushed to the backburner, they are just as relevant as Josh. Every girlfriend he has ever had has become a character, despite them leaving at the end of their relationship. But, you remember who they are because you got to know them so well throughout their duration on the show.

The ending to the premiere episode of MAN SEEKING WOMAN.

All in all, this episode was an A++ and I would advise all of you to watch it. And, if you have not, watch the previous seasons as well. They are short half hour long episodes and completely hilarious. I will be watching next week for episode 2 of season 3 of MAN SEEKING WOMAN.


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