Caution: Spoilers Ahead

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Overburdened with the same hokey, overly-theatrical dialogue that has plagued the rest of the Axis series, Magneto’s latest installment might have worked better in a different writer’s hands. Bunn, hindered as he might be by what is essentially a recycled ‘Onslaught’ storyline, tries his best to move the goal posts with an oh-so-slightly hackneyed conversation between Magneto and the “ghost” of Charles Xavier’s disembodied consciousness. Its conclusion (or “revelation” rather) may leave some X-fans wondering just what direction the mutant oppressed are heading in… and, where, exactly the spirit of the original dream for five gifted youngsters has gone.

Potential controversy aside, the issue is not without its more solid points. While Roland Boschi’s illustrations remain stylish throughout, the added wrinkle of Magneto’s resurgent – albeit rapidly fading – powers being at the mercy of a “mutant growth hormone” lend the story (and the once nearly omnipotent Master of Magnetism) a certain degree of vulnerability. It’s an interesting (if not entirely original) attempt (cough – Phoenix Force – cough) to strip Erik of the bulk of his powers and humanize a character struggling to reinvent himself in a world steeped in greys.

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Overall: 2.5/5

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